Adoree African Violet #193

Adoree African Violet #193

Adorée African Violet is super sheer, this swatch is 4 coats. I couldn’t get good pictures of the duochromatic effect but it is visible despite the sheerness. This color by itself with no colored base creates a greenish cast at some angles. It’s very pretty and seems to be a distant cousin of the coveted OPI Sugarplum Yum. Ultimately, due to my preference for opacity, this African Violet is probably not something that I would wear on its own but it’s a great color for layering.

Now, *this* is more like it. African Violet over black create amazing colors. African Violet over black is dark purple .

The swatch above is a representative of the green end of the chromatic spectrum.

Adoree nail polish is available at Esther’s Nail Center ( Review done by Stephanie from PolishAddict

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