CND Shellac Summer 2013 is Here ….

Finally the new CND Shellac Summer 2013 is available at Esther’s Nail Center, though it’s not summer yet and the spring collection was not long ago released.

cnd shellac Summer 2013

The new CND Shellac Summer collection features 4 new bold colors, perfect for summer. It includes:

Lobster Roll – a vibrant orange red

CND shellac Lobster Roll

Pink Bikini – a hot magenta pink

CND shellac Pink bikini

Water Park – shimmery deep aqua blue

CND shellac Water Park

and…Grape Gum – purple

CND shellac Grape Gum


Swatches can be found on the internet already.  So do you like or hate this collection?

CND Shellac Summer 2013 collection and other colors are available at Esther’s Nail Center

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