Honey Day: Unique Candy Subscription

Very sorry for not posting for a while. My husband and I have been working on a new website, which was launched last week. I’m so relieved when finally it opened officially on 8/12/2011.

We named the company and website Honey Day. Credit goes to my husband who got the idea and the tagline, while working tirelessly on developing the website. Love you honey!

Basically, Honey Day offers a candy subscription service that will deliver unique candies from around the world to your door.

Honey Day

Sometimes I get a situation when I walk along an isle of an asian supermarket, searching for the perfect candy and snack for the week and I just can’t decide which one because they all look yummy and foreign at the same time.

Honey Day Candy Subscription

With Honey Day, you can go pass this problem by trying surprising candies each month. We’ll hand-select the candy for you so no more struggle over candy. We will bring more Asian candies plus occasionally from other region as well.

So, how it works? Just pick a plan, whether you want the candy delivered once or twice a month.  There’s also a one-time plan for you who want to try once.  After subscribing, just wait for the candy to come. Check out the sample shipment below.

Honey Day Candy Subscription

Interested? Visit http://www.thehoneyday.com for details. I also would like to know comments or advices from all my reader. Would you please leave me a comment? I appreciate your attention. Thanks.

Nail Polish Subscription

Hello all! I’d like to ask a favor from all of you about our plan to offer nail polish subscriptions.

Here’s the detail. We have a plan to offer monthly subscription for Gelish, Daisy Gel and Adoree nail polishes. Customers can subscribe to get one or two nail polishes monthly. Subscriber can make a list of colors of choice and we’ll do our best to ship whatever color in-stock. The plan price probably the same or a little over the price of the polish.

Now I am wondering what you would say about this. Do you like the idea? Do you have any suggestion on the plan and the price? Leave your comment, please. Any advice is really appreciated. Thank you.

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