New Low Price Daisy Gel Soak-Off Nail Polish

Looking for affordable gel polish that works? I am happy that Esther’s Nail Center now offers Daisy Gel, the newest soak off gel nail polish with less price.

daisy gel nail polish

Daisy Gel works similar like Gelish with the same steps and can be used together with Gelish products. It has good quality and good brush. This is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable alternative gel polish or trying some new gel polishes. And look at those beautiful colors below! Great for fall and winter colors.

daisy gel polish chart

daisy gel soak off polish



daisy gel nail polish

Compare to CND Shellac ($20.95) and Gelish (16.95), Daisy Gel is only $11.99 per bottle for size 0.5 oz. Yes, no kidding. Now available with 10 colors, plus Ultrabond,  Base and Top Coat.

I know you’d be unsure to try a new product. But you can try it now and if you don’t like it you can return it within 14 days of receipt with refund. That’s because we are confident you’ll love it. So try now.

Gelish is Coming Soon

Following after CND Shellac , we’re getting Gelish Soak Off Polish system to our store. There are 2 advantages Gelish has over CND, which are it costs less (compare CND Shellac $23.95 for 1/4 oz with Gelish $19.95 for 1/2 oz) and at this moment, has more colors (48 so far).

Gelish has more kits needed (cleanser, ph Bond, and remover), while with Shellac you can buy regular acetone and alcohol. From the point of health, we don’t know if Gelish is 3-big free. The manufacturer doesn’t explicitly state that in their website. In the mean time, we know (from CND) for sure that CND Shellac is big-3 free.

We want to know what you think. Please tell us by filling the poll below. Thank for your thoughts.

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