Fancy Nail Art Designs with Nail Art Gems

Here are some nail art designs from a Chinese nail art magazine dated a few years ago. They may be too fancy for some of us but definitely worth looking for inspirations.

These nail art designs use a lot of nail art gems like rhinestones, beads, glitters, flat shapes, and pearls. So they are perfect for those who have shaky hands but have patience. For flowers or lace you can use nail stickers instead of painting on your own for easy application.


nail art designs photos

nail art designs with nail art beads

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New Nail Art Decoration Kit

Nail Art Decoration Kit

We’ve just added new CinaPro Nail Art Decoration Kits to the store. So now we have 6 types of nail art decoration kits:  Mini, Dazzle, Shell & Glitter Combo, Complete Sampler, Rhinestones and Pearls. Fyi, decoration kit is a set of nail art beads and gems in a variety of colors and shapes, packed in small packages. I love these kits because for just $7.95 (except the Complete Sampler kit for $8.95 and Mini $4.95), you can get all combination of stones, glitters, shells and more, plus 2 wooden sticks to pick the gems. It’s a lot of savings compare to buying one-by-one. Here is the detail of what you get in each type of kit:

  • Mini Decoration Kit: Eight packs with 1 stick. It has combination of flat shapes, rhinestones and confetti. Price $4.95
  • Dazzle Decoration Kit: Twenty packs with 2 sticks. It has combination of flat shapes and hollow flat shapes. Price $7.95
  • Shell & Glitter Combo: Twenty packs with 2 sticks. A combination of crushed shells and glitters.  Price $7.95
  • Pearls Decoration Kit: Twenty packs with 2 sticks. Pearls in different shapes and colors. Price $7.95
  • Complete Sampler Kit: Twenty packs with 2 sticks. This is a combination of everything – crushed shells, glitters, assorted flat shapes, pearl heart and rhinestones. Price $8.95
  • Rhinestones Kit: Twenty packs with 2 sticks. Rhinestones in assorted colors and shapes. Price $7.95

For pictures and detail visit Decoration Kit section only at Esther’s Nail Center.

Nail Art Design We Like

These are simple yet elegant nail art designs. The tools needed are dotting tool or Nail Art by Adoree, crystal rhinestones in different sizes and sheer glitter nail polish like Adoree #237 Ice Mist.

Source: Nail and design by Kakimoto Arms 2009 Winter Nail Book.

Nail Art Tutorial: Starry Night Nails

French Manicure with Adoree

This design is of easy difficulty, and doesn’t take very long to apply. There are several different ways you can wear this Starry Night look, depending on the supplies you have available and the length of your nails. This is a cute look for going out in the evenings and it looks especially good on cool skin tone. Alternatively, you can substitute black nail polish for blue and still get the starry night look if you prefer something a little darker.

All this design entails is applying your blue nail polish, adhering your stars, and coating everything with a clear topcoat so it’s ideal if you’re just starting out with nail art. You will need two nail polishes to create this look, (as well as some stars which we will discuss later in this post.) Pictured are the Adorée’s “Ice Mist #237” and “Harbour Blue #162“.

French Manicure with Adoree

Begin by placing your French manicure guideline stickers. Gently rub the stickers against your nails to ensure there are no air bubbles that could lead to a smeared edge upon removal. Wrap the free-edge of the stickers around your fingertips to prevent them from getting caught in your wet polish while you wait for it to dry. Do not remove your guideline stickers until your colored tips are almost completely dry. Pictured is two coats of Adorée’s “Harbour Blue #162.” (Adorée nail polishes are formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP free like OPI and Zoya.) Choose a navy or dark blue for this manicure, as any light blue paired with stars won’t result in a nighttime-themed look.

French Manicure with Adoree

Swipe on one coat of a glittery clear, or nude-tinted clear polish, something suited to French manicures. I prefer to use a glittery clear for this particular look as I think it adds to the star theme, but if you prefer you can use a traditional French manicure nude instead. Pictured is Adorée’s “Ice Mist #237” which contains very small pieces of blue, green and orange glitter. Using a glittery clear over colored tips is an easy way to turn a regular French manicure into something more interesting.

French Manicure with Adoree

Coat one finger with your French manicure shade, and while your polish is still wet adhere your stars. Then coat your next finger, and attach your stars. Feel free to leave a few nails without any stars to keep this look from going overboard. What can you use as stars? Fortunately, star-shaped nail deco items are pretty easy to find. You can use star-shaped rhinestones like I have, or you can use star confetti which comes in many colors. If you can’t find star-shaped confetti, gemstones, try nail stickers.

You need not place stars on every finger, and it’s best if you don’t place them in identical spots in order to add variety. In general, it’s best to keep your stars to one or two per nail, and place them low to overlap the border of your French tip. Placing them there will draw more attention to them than if you were to set them near the top where your polish is clear.

French Manicure with Adoree

As the final step to this look, seal in your stars with a clear topcoat.

French Manicure with Adoree

All items needed are available at, your online source for DIY home manicure & pedicure supplies and nail-related information. Featuring Non Toxic, Safer Nail Polish, Nail Art and Nail Treatment, FREE from Formaldehyde, Toluene & DBP.  Design and tutorial are provided by Asami from Nails by Asami blog.

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