Jamberry Nails Re-designed

Jamberry Nails has been working hard to re-design its nail shield for easier and more successful application.

Here’s what they said in their consultant newsletter:

As announced last week (January 2013), we have made some remarkable changes to the overall material of the nail wraps!

Besides the clear backing which makes sizing process much easier, we formulated the material to be thinner and the adhesive to be more effective on a larger variety of nails.

Over the past 8 months we have been working hard on finding ways to improve an already successful product. Our goals were simple, how can we make the application experience more successful for both first-time and returning customers without sacrificing durability and performance.

We believe that we have formulated the perfect combination of material, adhesive and variety of designs to help our Consultants and customers have the look and experience they are hoping for. It seems that our Consultants think so too!

So what has changed?

  1. New transparent backing material. This will allow customers the ability to size the material against their nails before peeling them off the sheet. (Please note that there is a white instruction card added to the packaging of the nail shields, which makes the shields to appear to be applied to the old white backing, however, if you remove the instruction card, you will see the clear backing on your sheet of nail wrap)
  2. New thinner durable material. A thinner material makes the application process faster, and easier. Even though the product is thinner we have engineered a way to make it just as durable.
  3. New adhesive. The new adhesive will help customers have higher success even if they don’t have a perfect nail preparation process.

Let’s hear what the consultant said about the new Jamberry.

Consultant, Emily shares, “I cannot begin to say how thrilled I am with the new product. It is amazing! SO easy and fast to apply. For me, the thinner vinyl is what is the best. They go on like butter! IN LOVE!”

Consultant, Kelly, “They are awesome! Heat up really fast and really adhere a lot better with little heat. Previously I needed to heat them up a lot but these didn’t take much so they went on faster too!!! I think it’s made the process a lot simpler and faster.”

So have you ever tried Jamberry Nail Shields? It’s the time now. You can purchase Jamberry Nail Shields at esther.jamberrynails.net. It still has a special offer of ‘Buy 3 Get 1 FREE’.

Below are the new Holiday 2013 Designs. Check them out.

jamberry nails holiday insert  2013

Jamberry Nails Shields Now Available

Not exactly at EsthersNC.com but on my Jamberry website. Yes, I am officially a Jamberry Nails Consultant. The reason the nail shields are not in Esther’s Nail Center store because they wouldn’t let us sell them with other products so I have to have a separate store exclusively selling Jamberry Nails products.

Jamberry Nails

Here’s my Jamberry store: esther.jamberrynails.net . Please check out my store because they have wonderful, wonderful nail designs.

What are Jamberry Nails?

Perhaps, many of you don’t know what Jamberry Nails are because they are quite new in the nail industry. Jamberry nail shields are like nail stickers to cover your nail. You don’t need any polish at all to use and the result is amazing and long-lasting if applied properly. Here’s what Jamberry said about them:

Jamberry Nail Shields are the newest way to accessorize your fingers and toes. Get your own unique,  professional nail design and say “Goodbye!” to nail polish. With today’s hottest celebrities already wearing unique nail designs, it’s quickly becoming a fashion “must have.”

This new nail treatment can be applied in just fifteen minutes at home. With over 150 styles available, these designer nail shields are made to last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish, they won’t chip and require no drying time. It’s so easy to achieve a professional, salon look at a fraction of  the cost.

The shields are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat activated to create a water tight bond to your nail. The shields are made in the USA, with no harsh chemicals and latex free.

jamberry nails flyer

One Jamberry nail shield sheet is designed to be used easily at salon or home for 2 or 3 sets. You only need cuticle pusher, scissors, hair dryer, nail file, nail buffer, alcohol or nail polish remover and nail wipes.

How to apply Jamberry Nails

I’ve posted a detail tutorial on how to apply Jamberry Nails with a lot of photos to make it easy and clear. Check out “Jamberry Nails Review and Tutorial

How to Remove

Use hair dryer to heat for 15 seconds and slowly peel from the corner of your nail.

For complete how to, check out the video tutorial below on how to apply Jamberry nails shields.


Sounds easy and fun? Check out Jamberry Nails today!

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