New Manicures Last A Week with CND VINYLUX

CND did it again with their newest, breakthrough nail polish line called CND VINYLUX, which has just released this month. VINYLUX system, consists of a nail polish color and a weekly top coat, maybe the secret you have been longing for a long lasting manicure.


about cnd vinylux

VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat is a system uniquely designed to work together. Exposure to natural light secures the ProLight technology, creating an enduring, long-lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time.

Vinylux Weekly Polish

cnd vinylux nail polish

Lasts up to 4 times longer than traditional nail polishes when used with Vinylux Top Coat as a system. Includes adhesion promoters that completely eliminate the need for a base coat.

At this moment, the system offers 62 fashion colors straight from the runway to you. Some match CND Shellac shades. It’s great for you who want a matching color for your pedicure.

Vinylux Weekly Top Coat

cnd vinylux top coat

Creates an outer shield that protects VINYLUX Weekly Polish from scratching, denting, chipping and dulling for up to a week of wear. The final layer that completes the system.

There’s no need for a base coat to go with the system.  A base coat will negate the performance because the adhesives are in the color coat.

So with Vinylux, CND promises these 3 things :

  • A Week Long Wear
  • Self-adhering Color Coat
  • Durability Increased with Natural Light

How Does It  Work

vinylux nail polish and top coat

To maximize week long wear,  use VINYLUX as a System.

1. Start with P.E.P.  to ensure the nail is thoroughly cleansed and prepared.

P.E.P. includes:

P-erform Mini Manicure = Removing the Cuticle off the nail plate
E-liminate Surface Contaminants = ScrubFresh
P-Purify Nail Plate = ScrubFresh

2. Apply two thin coats of Vinylux Weekly Polish.

3. Finish with one coat of Vinylux Weekly Top Coat.

4. For best results, use CND Shellac Nourishing Remover on a cotton pad to easily and

  • gently remove VINYLUX .

Let’s watch this video tutorial from CND.

So do you like it? Would you give it a try? Please leave your comment.

CND Vinylux is available now at Esther’s Nail Center. We have the colors, weekly top coat, CND scrubfresh and other manicure pedicure supplies. So check us out.

The Robot Collection by Rainbow Honey

Just released this April, the Rainbow Honey Robot Collection, featuring six new nail polishes:

The Robot collection rainbow honey

Bitty Love Bot – Sparkling metallic aqua
Femme Bot – Sparkling metallic peony
Dusty Bot – Sparkling metallic lavender
Lucky Bot – Sparkling metallic agave
Skyward Bot – Sparkling metallic cerulean
Yoshimi – A truly mod black & white combination of glitters sprinkled with a bit of iridescence

Formulated with specially coated aluminum flakes, the metallic lacquers of the Robot Collection are simultaneously sparkly, reflective, and smooth!

Rainbow Honey Robot Collection has been widely reviewed on the internet. I am sure you’d love to see the swatches. Take a look at this gorgeous Robot collection swatches from Manicurity.

Rainbow Honey Swatches Robot Collection

Photo source: Manicurity Blog.

Esther’s Nail Center also has the two limited edition colors in stock, Pot O’Gil, a gorgeous green glitter for layering and Soul Gem, the shiny, fabulous gold flakes.

pot o gil rainbow honey nail polish

Rainbow Honey Pot O’ Gil

soul gem rainbow honey

Rainbow Honey Soul Gem

Shop Rainbow Honey at and get 1 FREE limited edition Rainbow Honey nail polish if you buy $40 or more of Rainbow Honey products. Whiles supplies last.

A Valentine’s Gift from Rainbow Honey

Starting January 25th and running as long as supplies last, order $40 or more of Rainbow Honey Nail Polish or Cuticle Stick and you will receive a free bottle of Rainbow Honey special limited edition Valentine’s Day Gift Lacquers!

Rainbow Honey Valentine's Day Gift

“Dearly Beloved” (Left) and “My Love” (Right) were designed as limited edition gifts for the month of February!

Dearly Beloved and My Love Swatches


Rainbow Honey Dearly Beloved

Rainbow Honey “Dearly Beloved” is meant for layering and includes various shades and sizes of gold shimmer, gold microglitter, and red hearts and squares. It’s really a very special combination! Shown above is 1 coat over black and over Be Mine on accent.

Rainbow Honey My Love

My Love is Multichromatic and pink shimmers along with iridescent and gold glitters in a clear base, adorned with white and pink hearts. Shown above is one coat over Be Mine and over black on accent.

We really hope you enjoy these special gifts! Remember to purchase $40 or more of Rainbow Honey products and you’ll get one of this adoring gifts.

Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk,  Holiday and other collections are available at Check us out.

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish

Esther’s Nail Center is always in the look for new products for our customers. One product that’s hot right now is frankened or more popular known as Indie nail polish. So we’ll be offering for sale some Indie brands at very soon. We’ll be featuring one brand per post with swatches from all over the world wide web.

So, let’s start with Rainbow Honey nail lacquer.

Rainbow Honey

Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Nail Polish

Rainbow Honey is one of the Indie nail polishes that is growing in popularity.  This is quoted from their website:

Rainbow Honey was born out of a love for color and a penchant for creativity. To create Rainbow Honey, Dee, its founder and Chief Designer, brought together her background in the sciences and her experience in the fashion industry, resulting in unique, colorful and well-formulated products. Always a fan of the offbeat, Dee has drawn her inspirations from 1990’s video games, Japanese festivals, and kids’ TV shows. The Rainbow Honey brand has already received rave reviews from customers all over the U.S. as well as Canada, Australia, Singapore, U.K., Denmark, and continues to reach new audiences every day.

All of our unique and custom-designed products are hand-crafted and hand-packaged in the United States of America; we never test our products on animals and they are all always free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (the “big 3”).

rainbow honey nail polish boxes

Rainbow Honey Packaging

Why Rainbow Honey?

We love it’s professional design, colors, packaging and the price is just right. Right now, they have 3 collections available: Sakura Matsuri, Equestria, and Chrono Cross (the newest). have all collections in-store.

Also Rainbow Honey brand has already received great reviews from customers and bloggers. I’m sure you’ll love them too. So make sure to visit and check them out.


equestria collection rainbow honey nail polish

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection Nail Poilsh


Rainbow Honey Swatches

Let me end this post with a couple of swatches of Rainbow Honey. Then you’ll see what I am talking about..

1. 20% Cooler (Equestria Collection)

20percent cooler rainbow honey

Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler

2.  Pinkie Promise (Equestria Collection)

pinkie promise rainbow honey

Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise

3. Sakura Matsuri Namesake

rainbow honey sakura matsuri

Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Namesake

4. Mare of The Moon

rainbow honey mare of the moon

Rainbow Honey Mare Of The Moon

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish is available at for $10 each for 15ml bottle.

So do you like this polish and have you tried it yet? Please share in the comment below.

Time for House of Gelish Collection

I’m happy to let you know that we have House of Gelish Collection in-stock. We have nearly all colors except Strutt Your Stuff. Visit Gelish Gel Nail Polish to see all the colors or place your order.

house of gelish nail polish

Another great news is we lower the Gelish price from $15.95 to $14.95. We still have the 6-ct Gelish Polish set where each is only $14. Moreover, if your total order is $99 or more you’ll get free US Shipping.

Let’s go back to House of Gelish. I include some picture below for the swatches.

house of gelish nail polish swatch

The light grey is Cashmere Kind of Gal, the dark grey is Fashion Week Chic, and the blue is My Favorite Accessory

gelish backstage beauty swatch

Gelish Backstage Beauty Swatch

gelish diva cocktail party polish

Gelish Cocktail Party and Diva Polish Swatch

Photos are from nail blog, a new great nail blog I just found recently. Visit this blog to see some wonderful Gelish swatches.

Gelish and other gel nail polishes are available at

Top 10 Summer Nail Polish Colors from Daisy Gel

With summer around the corner, pretty and bright colors make into the list of  Top 10 Summer Nail Polish Colors chosen by our customers. See what color is your favorite.

I chose Daisy Gel Nail Polish to make this list because of its wide variety of bright colors that are great for summer. People seem to like it better than Gelish or CND Shellac.

Top 10 Daisy Gel Nail Polish Colors for Summer

10. Aqua Crystal Glitter #1213 (Blue)

daisy gel polish aqua crystal 1213 summer color

Aqua Crystal #1212 is a pretty pastel glitter blue, perfect for summer.  This is the only glitter that get into the list. Layer onto any polish to transform ordinary into magical color.


9. Now Dat’s Pink #1153 (Pink)

Summer nail polish hot pink color Daisy #1153

Who doesn’t love those pretty toes with hot pink color, such as Daisy Now Dat’s Pink #1153? This is one of the hot pinks in the list.


8. Moonlite Mauve #1146 (Purple)

light purple for summer nail color

Among some bright colors,  light nail polish colors, such as Moonlite Mauve #1146, are favorites for summer.  The color is clean and subtle, perfect if you want to keep nails simple.


7. Cool Head Blue #1159 (Blue)

daisy gel nail polish cool head blue 1159

This beautiful blue reminds me of the nice blue sky color in summer, the one usually exist only in a very nice photo taken by a professional photographer. If you love blue, you’ll love Daisy Cool Head Blue #1159

6. Banana Yellow #1105 (Yellow)

Yellow nail polish color for summer

Bright and cheerful, Banana Yellow #1105 is one of the popular nail polish colors for summer. I like the color, which is not too light nor dark. Warning: This color will make people go banana.

5. Pink Cutie #1109 (Pink)

One of Summer nail polish colors daisy gel nail polish pink cutie 1109

Pink is always a favorite color and this Pink Cutie #1109  is no different.

4. Turquoise #1108 (Turquoise)

Daisy turquoise 1108 nail polish colors for summer

Another blue in the list: Turquoise #1108.

3. Hot Hot Holly #1152 (Pink)

daisy gel nail polish hot hot pink 1152

A secret for head-turning toes: go hot with Hot Hot Holly #1152 on flip-flop.

2. Paparazzi  Flash #1154 (Coral)

Number 2 popular summer nail polish colors - paparazzi flash 1154

If you don’t love pink, then maybe Coral is your choice. This Paparazzi Flash #1154 by Daisy Gel Nail Polish is the number 2 most popular summer nail polish colors.


1. Butter Cup #1150 (Purple)

Popular Summer nail polish colors

So which color is the most popular? Yes, purple Butter Cup #1150. People love to sport purple for parties, prom, and for no reason other than just because it’s gorgeous.

So what are your favorite summer nail polish colors? Feel free to share in the comments.

New Glitter Daisy Gel Nail Polish 2012

new glitter daisy gel nail polish

Available now at, the NEW Glitter series of Daisy Gel Nail Polish. There are 10 new glitter colors in pinks, blues, greens, golds and silver. We are so excited with these new addition and Daisy growing color collection. Find it under ‘Daisy Gel Polish Glitter’ on Daisy polish page.

Let’s take a look at some of the glitter shades below.

daisy gel polish aqua crystal glitter

Daisy Aqua Crystal #1213

daisy nail polish go for green glitter

Daisy Go for Green #1207

daisy nail polish crystal pink glitter

Daisy Pinky Star #1179

daisy nail polish 14k glitter

Daisy 14K Nail Polish #1205


New CND Shellac March 2012 Swatch Photos

We re-post new CND Shellac colors photo swatch from our favorite blog, These are the photos of the new CND Shellac March 2012. So if you are unsure what colors to choose before buying one, visit

CND Shellac Cityscape Nail Polish
(Look at that awesome picture!)

These 6 new Shellac nail polish colors are available at Esther’s Nail Center.

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