Nail Art Design We Love

Once in a while we’ll post a picture of a cute, pretty, neat, beautiful nail art design from around the internet. This time is the ‘MAC Quite Cute Nail Art‘ by Silence is Loud blog. Click the link to see more photos.

Freehand painted nail art design

Photos and design from Silence is Loud.

Nail Art Design We Like

I love spring. It’s the time for the nail art to blossom. I am posting a photo nail art from a blog called “Nail Art World“. I like because it has great color combination and design.

Here’s what the blogger said how she did it: “It actually started as just a diagonal stripes of different shades of purple. When i decided to add a little gold, and when some stamp on the edge, and more stamp and the rhinestones.” Just click the link above to read the details.

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