Finding Gelish Morgan Taylor Matching Colors

If you’re a fan of Gelish, sometimes you want to find a matching Morgan Taylor nail lacquer for your pedicure or other reasons. Gelish gel polish is often sold together in a set with a Morgan Taylor to make it easier for you. However, what if you have already the Gelish but not the lacquer?

To help you find the matching nail lacquer to your favorite Gelish color, we published this Gelish and Morgan Taylor Color Matching Chart.

Gelish Morgan Taylor Matching Chart

Meet the New Gelish Street Beat Collection







Turn up your boom box with the new Gelish Street Beat Collection. Inspired by street graffiti, this summer 2016 collection offers six new shades including a crisp, striking coral, powerful pink pearl, fierce teal, wild style yellow orange creme, and more. The collection of vibrant colors will make the street beat style worth your while.

The Gelish Street Beat Collection includes:

Gelish Street Beat collection is also available in a Duo set that contains 1 Gelish gel polish and 1 Morgan Taylor in matching colors. What’s more, it comes with free earbuds!

You can find Gelish Street Beat Collection and other colors at So check us out!

Gelish Kung Fu Panda Kicking Off the New Year

Dear readers! Happy New Year…We wish you a happy and beautiful year 🙂

Gelish Kung Fu Panda Collection

DreamWorks upcoming animation movie “Kung Fu Panda 3” is about the adventures of the charismatic panda. It presents a colorful world of animal characters created by talented animators.

In conjunction with the release, the new collection of Kung Fu Panda 3″ Collection from Gelish is a reflection of the colors from the movie. Sweet pink, fiery red, amethyst, fuchsia, lilac-blue are a fantastic combination of shades, which is brought to life by Nail Harmony.

The new collections offers 6 thrilling shades:

  1. “Tigres Knows Best” – bright red creme
  2. “Po-Riwinkle” – light lilac enamel with blue hint
  3. “Warriors Don’t Wine” – plum enamel
  4. “It’s Gonna Be Me” – pink shimmer
  5. “Kung Fu-Chsia” – bright pearl fuchsia
  6. “Extra Plum Sauce” – amethyst pearl

Gelish Morgan Duo Kung Fu Panda Set

This bright colors are great for Spring nail polish and nail art. Gelish Kung Fu Panda collection and Gelish Morgan Two of A Kind set are available at Check us out!

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