Nail Art Neat Trick with Masking Fluid

Just read the other day about a neat trick to get neat french manicure or nail art designs. I am sure you know about stencil, painting by using a cut-out design. You can paint the same way to your nail by painting using masking fluid. If you don’t know what it is, masking fluid is a liquid used to block out areas of a watercolor while you paint, thereby retaining the white of the paper or the previous color that was painted (from Art Glossary).

Applying masking fluid for nail artFinal nail art design with masking fluid

Basically, you paint areas where you don’t want the nail art there with masking fluid and brush. Use thinner brush to do a neater more detailed line. Then after it’s dry, paint your nail art design. Finally, peel of the masking fluid from the nail and it’s done.  If you are interested, visit this blog ‘My Lucid Bubble‘ for detail instructions.

Photo from My Lucid Bubble blog.