Does Shellac Damage Nails?

No! According to CND, when used as directed, Shellac doesn’t damage your nails.

This claim is something new that I noticed recently on CND Shellac’s newer retail box. You can see it on the left side of the box. This new addition is not available on the older box. I believe this claim is to answer the often asked question whether Shellac is safe for nail.

Shellac doesn't damage nails

Buffing the nail bed, drilling the shellac on the nails or soaking nails with acetone for removal are among the improper ways and can ruin the nails. You should stay away from these steps or nail tech who does that to your nails.

So what is the proper instruction? Visit to find it or you can click “ CND Shellac Application Removal”, downloaded right from CND website.

Any thought or comment about Shellac damaging nails? Please share your experience with Shellac below.