Introducing Ikonna and Orly LED Lights

If you have been waiting for the price of LED lights to fall off, don’t need to wait anymore. Now we have at the new IKONNA and ORLY LED light with more affordable prices.

Why would you consider using LED light vs UV Lamp? LED light cures faster so time and energy saving, no need to change bulbs and long lasting. It also can cure many brands of gel hybrid nail polish, not only one brand. No heat when you cure your hands.

Ikonna has been a well-known brand in UV Lamp and good thing they started to release their new LED light, called Ikonna LED High Performance UV Gel lamp.

Ikonna LED High Performance UV Gel lamp

Here are the description of Ikonna LED Light (based on the manufacturer website):

  • The new Ikonna LED High Performance UV Gel lamp is here.
  • Cure LED gel polish color faster, including difficult darker colors like purple and black.
  • The LED nail light can help you achieve or speed-up the gel/polish curing duration time.
  • Cure numerous LED or UV gel types, and is not limited to one particular brand.
  • Due to its high power output, light waves penetrate and cure the gel from the base layer.
  • LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours and do not diminish in power over its life span.
  • Sliding light visor pulls down to block the light from your/client’s eyes.
  • Features an incremental 10 second timer for precise cure times.
  • Operating time can be adjusted by pressing the timer button multiple times.
  • Each push adds 10 seconds. For example, press the 10 second button twice for 20 second duration.
  • When the time is up, the LED light will let you know with three beeps.
  • Cures gel polish in 10-30 seconds.
  • Space-saving compact design.
  • One year Ikonna warranty.
  • Available in black or white (we have black only).
  • This LED light cures first four finger and thumb separately.
  • Works with all LED cure PURE Gel polishes.

Works with the following UV cure Hybrid Gel polishes: Harmony Gelish, CND Shellac, NSI Pro Polish, Entity One Color Couture, Jessica Geleration

Does not work with: OPI Axium, Le Chat Perfect Match.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I love that this LED lamp has 1 year warranty, which is a plus.

Ok let’s move to Orly LED 480 FX Gel light. Orly is famous with their nail polish and now they have their gel polish and led lamp.

orly led 480 fx gel light

Orly 480 FX LED light for use with Orly Gel FX or other gel polish.

  • Orly unique LED lamp dries in half the time compared to UV lamps.
  • Energy efficient, high quality LED light cures in seconds.
  • Lifetime bulbs, never need changing.
  • 10. 20, 30 second timer.
  • Raised panel makes it easy to cure thumb nails.Remove panel to cure nails.
  • Lightweight and compact.Safe and easy to use.
  • For professional use.Voltage AC 110-240V.
  • Power consumption 13W. Includes adapter.
  • This LED light cures first four finger and thumb separately.

This LED lamp can work on 110-240V. If you travel outside the US, this is a plus. Not sure if they have warranty though.

Ikonna LED lamp is $199.95 and Orly LED Light is $249.95. Available at

LED lamp is expensive at the front but in the long run, it’ll be a money-saver. Problem with UV Lamp is the bulbs diminish in power during their life time so it’s recommended to change every 6-9 months. One thing you need to know is that not all LED light are the same. They have difference wattage and power output depending on the bulbs and how the bulbs positioned. I heard problem from a customer and internet somehow, LED light 9 watt is not strong enough to cure in seconds. That means with 9 watt you need to lengthen the time to cure the gel polish properly which makes the curing time almost similar to UV Lamp. If this happens, then what the point buying LED light?