Solid Glitter Nail Accent

Glitter nail as an accent or for whole nails are great for the upcoming festive months. Want to know the secret how to create one? Here’s a nice post on how to have solid glitter nail from TiffanyD blog, as well as a way to use your long-forgotten loose glitters.

So here’s the situation, you want a super rich glitter nail but no lumpy and thick nail from too many layers of glitter nail polish. The trick is you can use the loose nail glitter to create this solid-glitter nail as an accent or for all nails.

Here’s what to do:
1. Paint all of your nails a normal non-glittery color.
2. Pick an “accent” nail for the glitter (Or go crazy and do all of them…your call.)
3. Use a thick top coat and paint that over the nail to be glittered.
4. Working over a paper plate or bowl, gently dip the nail into the glitter or sprinkle the glitter directly over the nail (like I did in this case because the container was too small for dipping action).
5. Let the glitter “set” for a minute or two, giving the top coat time to dry.
6. Rinse the nail under cold water to get any excess glitter off the nail. Don’t worry, if it’s cold water, it won’t mess anything up.
7. Paint another coat of  topcoat over the glitter.

This process only takes only a couple minutes with amazing result. For details you can visit her blog.

Wondering where to get nail glitters? Esther’s Nail Center have affordable nail art supplies such as a set of 10-colors of nail glitters  as well as other types of nail glitters.

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