Kiara Gel Polish #482 Echo Review

Our COW (Color of the Week) this time is KIARA SKY GEL ECHO #482. I’d say this color is a bit mysterious because it looks brown in bottle but show up as dark purple. But it’s a very pretty color (more beautiful in real) with shimmer and glitter in dark purple base. KIARA ECHO also comes in a matching regular nail lacquer.







Kiara Sky gel is available at Esther’s Nail Center individually or in a matching lacquer set.  SHOP NOW.


Daisy DND Color Swatches

To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve compiled all Daisy DND gel polish color charts in this post. We tried to bring the closest photos possible to the real colors. However, camera limitation and different monitor setting may slightly change the colors shown on your device.

Daisy DND Gel Polish Duo set is one of our best-selling products, available at  If you’re interested in buying Daisy DND at wholesale price for your salons or businesses, feel free to contact us.

Daisy DND Color Colour SwatchesDaisy DND Colour Swatches

Daisy DND Gel Color Swatches

Daisy DND Color Chart Swatches

Daisy DND Colour Swatches

Daisy DND Color Chart Swatches

Daisy DND Gel Colors

Daisy DND Colour Swatches

Daisy DND Gel Swatches

Daisy Duo Gel Swatches

Daisy DND Gel Swatch


Daisy DND Gel Colors

546-555-daisy-gel-polish 556-563-daisy-gel-polish

NEW Daisy DND Brights and Glitters Swatches

Just published on her blog, Michelle reviewed some new Daisy DND colors with great photos. These new colors are the recent addition to Daisy DND color collection, which totals now to 180 shades.

Check out some swatches below. You can get Daisy DND at for $11.99 per set. Like it or hate it? Let us know which color is your favorite by leaving a comment below.


Daisy Greenwich CT gel polish

Daisy Lilac Season #493 Gel PolishDaisy Sunset Crater AZ gel-polish

Daisy Emerald Quartz #582

To read her full review, visit her blog at

Sweet, Delightful NEW Daisy DND Spring 2016 Colors

Spring is near. Are you ready for it? With the NEW Daisy DND Gel Spring colors, we can’t wait to sport some of these colors especially when all start to chirp, bud and blossom.

daisy dnd spring 2016 gel polish

A while ago, Daisy DND released 18 new sweet and delightful pastel gel colors that we thought were perfect for Spring. So we waited to introduce them at the right moment, which is now. All new colors are now in-stock at The color codes are from #528-545.

This time, our staff (Maryna) swatched 5 of them and wanted to share her experience with the new colors. All of them are pretty bright, sweetly rich, and perfect for your sophisticated yet subtle style.

Daisy Euro Fuchsia Gel Polish #541

This hot pink is pretty hot that makes me keeps looking at how beautiful they are. And they are very attractive. Application is flawless, very easy to even it out. And it stays up to 3 weeks.

daisy dnd rose city gel polish

Daisy Rose City, MI is a delicate pink with a city name. It’s a light pastel pink creme. Application is okay. Light color is usually difficult to even it out. That’s what happened when I tried it out. Applying 3 layers smoothed out the streak but it makes the application thick. So, it only stays up to 2 weeks.

543 daisy purple passion gel polish

I love purple, so I love Daisy Purple Passion. The color is quite opaque and can be seen just from 1 layer. Application is smooth and stays up to 3 weeks.


Daisy Gel Polish Green Isle MN 532

The minty Green Isle, MN is another color that is named after a city of (you guessed it!) Green Isle, MN. But the formulation is a bit on the thick side and it’s a bit difficult to even the streaks out. So it needs 3 layers to look opaque enough. It stays up to 2 weeks on my nails.

Daisy #544 orange cove ca

Daisy Orange Cove, CA #544 has a daring, neon orange color, which will attract people attention to your nails, in a positive or …maybe a little negative way 🙂 as Maryna said. This is not for the faint-hearted, who likes subtle or nude colors. Ready for the challenge? Try it now.

Daisy DND gel polish, combined with the base and top, stays long on my nails (up to three weeks). When I used Daisy base coat, removal is easy.  But with OPI Base coat gel, the gel polish just flakes off from the nail during removal process. That’s why I like to use OPI base coat.

I’d like to know what you think about Daisy DND and its new colors. Please comment below 🙂

Gelish Kung Fu Panda Kicking Off the New Year

Dear readers! Happy New Year…We wish you a happy and beautiful year 🙂

Gelish Kung Fu Panda Collection

DreamWorks upcoming animation movie “Kung Fu Panda 3” is about the adventures of the charismatic panda. It presents a colorful world of animal characters created by talented animators.

In conjunction with the release, the new collection of Kung Fu Panda 3″ Collection from Gelish is a reflection of the colors from the movie. Sweet pink, fiery red, amethyst, fuchsia, lilac-blue are a fantastic combination of shades, which is brought to life by Nail Harmony.

The new collections offers 6 thrilling shades:

  1. “Tigres Knows Best” – bright red creme
  2. “Po-Riwinkle” – light lilac enamel with blue hint
  3. “Warriors Don’t Wine” – plum enamel
  4. “It’s Gonna Be Me” – pink shimmer
  5. “Kung Fu-Chsia” – bright pearl fuchsia
  6. “Extra Plum Sauce” – amethyst pearl

Gelish Morgan Duo Kung Fu Panda Set

This bright colors are great for Spring nail polish and nail art. Gelish Kung Fu Panda collection and Gelish Morgan Two of A Kind set are available at Check us out!

New DAISY DND Glitter Colors 2015

Daisy DND recently revealed their new colors in early 2015. About 10 totals. Most new colors are glitters – sparkling or matte glitters in variety of shades.

Some colors are shown below.

Daisy Duo 516 Just 4 You

Daisy Duo #516 Just 4 You – Matte black, silver and lilac glitters

Daisy Gel Polish Tropical Waterfall 515

Daisy Tropical Waterfall #515. Turquoise and black tiny glitters/flecks

Daisy Gel Polish Lollipop 517

Daisy Duo Lollipop 517. Tiny red and white glitter flecks

Daisy Gel Polish Dark Sky Light 525

Daisy Dark Sky Light 525. Black base with small silver and blue glitter.

Daisy Gel Polish Kool Berry 520

Daisy Gel Polish Kool Berry 520. Full dark pink and multicolor tiny glitters in clear base.

Daisy Gel Polish Peach Cider 510

Daisy Gel Polish Peach Cider 510. Matte peach and silver tiny glitters.

Daisy Gel Polish Sparkle Nude 511

Daisy Gel Polish Sparkle Nude 511. Light pink matte glitter with some silver glitters.

Daisy Gel Polish Pomegranate 522

Daisy Gel Polish Pomegranate 522. Shimmer medium red

Daisy Gel Polish Green To Green 524

Daisy Gel Polish Green To Green 524. Clear gel polish full of sparkling green glitter.

Daisy DND Berry Cocktail Ice #521

Daisy DND Berry Cocktail Ice #521

Daisy DND Just 4 You #516

Daisy DND Just 4 You #516

Daisy 4 Season #518

Daisy DND 4 Season #518

Daisy Gel Ode To Green #513

Daisy Gel Ode To Green #513

Daisy Gel Polish Kool Berry #520

Daisy Gel Polish Kool Berry #520

Swatches from, and

I must say these colors are unique and lovely. Available now at for $12.95/set. So what do you think? Let us know your favorite color.

Undercured Gel Polish What and Why

One problem people may have with gel manicure is undercuring. It shows when the polish is still sticky after curing and wiping. Undercuring will increase the risk of service breakdown and may increase the risk of an allergy to any gel product.

Gel polish not cured enough can lead to allergy

Potential Causes & Solutions

  • Improper hand placement –> Hands and nails should be properly placed far enough under UV or LED bulbs
  • Gel has been applied too thickly –> Apply thin layers. Shake nail polish well before application. Cure each layer separately and cure according to the recommended time by the manufacturer.
  • Not using CND UV Lamp –> Shellac was developed to be fully cured using Shellac lamp. Using different lamp may cause Shellac is not fully cured.
  • Bulbs need to be replaced –> Recommended time to replace all bulbs is 6 months or when it shows signs of undercuring.
  • Incorrect removal of tacky layer or use acetone or diluted Isopropyl Alcohol –> Use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove sticky layer.

Do you have any experience with undercured gel or shellac polish? Please share on the comments below. Thank you.

Source: CND

Infinite Kit for Infinite Gel Color Palettes

Winifinite color palette kite wrote some time ago about Gelibility gel polish, a product that changes your regular nail polish to gel nail polish. And we want to introduce you to another similar product called Infinite Color Palette Gel Kit.

Create your own gel polish shades with Infinite Color Palette Kit. You can create your unlimited array of colors using nearly any regular nail polish. The gel polish made (about .5oz finished product), can cures in 30 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV. And it lasts for weeks without chipping or peeling.

Save the remaining nail polish for pedicures & touch-ups. Also get creative by mixing colors or adding glitters!

The Kit includes:

  • Exclusive Formula Gel
  • Lacquer Extractor
  • Filler Tube
  • and a Color Display Ring. Just add your favorite polish!

Infinite Gel Color Palette Kit

What makes Infinite different than Gelibility is the way it uses to create the gel polish. With Infinite, you need to use the polish extractor to take out a lot of nail polish and fill it into the Infinite bottle. With Gelibility, you use drops to create as much gel polish you want. Basically, they are the same. With Infinite I guess you can use couple drops to make little amount of gel polish too.

Watch instructional video at or below.  The kit is available at Esther’s Nail Center for $10.99. What do you think about Infinite?

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