Duolite LED and UV Combo Nail Lamp

When buying the first nail lamp, sometimes we just can’t decide between a UV lamp or LED light. CND Shellac can only be cured by uv light while LED can cure gel polish. So buying your nail lamp can be confusing especially if you want to use CND Shellac and gel polish.

Duolite LED UV Nail Light

If you’re in this situation, Duolite LED or UV Combo Curing Nail Lamp by Star Nail is the answer. It’s the only lamp you will ever need.

Duolite combo lamp combines both LED and UV light cure technology into one lamp. It’s designed to allow you easily switch from LED to UV light setting in seconds! So this lamp works virtually for all brands of LED and UV gels, soak off gels, hybrid polish and top coats.

Duolite LED and UV lamp works in 2 modes:

Full LED Mode
5, 10, 30, 60 second cure

Full UV Mode
36 watt
30, 90, 120, 180 second cure

Both modes can cure 5 fingers. It comes with a removable tray.

Voltage: 110V only. International customer would need a transformer to use it.

Duolite Combo LED and UV Lamp

The uv lamp will need to be replaced when it shows sign of undercuring. Use Ocius or Rapidcure 9-watt bulb as replacement. It’s recommended when changing a UV light bulb to change all of them at the same time.

The LED bulbs do not require changing. It’s long lasting. Keep bulbs clean and free of dust as this will reduce the bulbs ability to cure properly.

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