Nail Polish and UV Lamp Bulbs Disposal

Whether you have boxes and boxes of nail polishes in your closet or just a few in your drawer, we all eventually have to throw away some of them. With the rising of gel nail polish and uv lamp consumption, we have to know the proper way of nail polish disposal.

Nail polish and uv lamp bulbs are categorized as household hazardous waste because they contain chemicals that are hazardous to health and environment. Therefore, they need to be disposed in a different way than regular garbage.  In California, nail polish and bulbs are not allowed to be dumped into the dumpster but we need to dispose them in a special facility that accept this kind of waste. For more information about this, please read “How to Dispose Your Nail Polish Properly“.

Another way is to reuse nail polish in different ways. Read “15 Alternative Uses for Nail Polish” to get some ideas. Let us take care the earth by disposing nail polish in a proper way.

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