Buy 10 Daisy DND Gel Polish and Get 1 FREE

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Buy 10 Daisy DND and get 1 Free or buy 15 Daisy DND and get 2 Free. It’s your choice. Either one, you save money! Enjoy.

Daisy DND Sale

Daisy DND Sale

These offers are only available at We have over 200 colors of Daisy DND, Top and Base Coats.

Daisy Redwood City #490

The COW this week is Daisy Redwood City #490. This is a nice reddish brown brick color with cream finish. Redwood City is a favorite fall color, but can be wore anytime of the year as well.

Daisy Duo Redwood City





Daisy DND Color Swatches

To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve compiled all Daisy DND gel polish color charts in this post. We tried to bring the closest photos possible to the real colors. However, camera limitation and different monitor setting may slightly change the colors shown on your device.

Daisy DND Gel Polish Duo set is one of our best-selling products, available at  If you’re interested in buying Daisy DND at wholesale price for your salons or businesses, feel free to contact us.

Daisy DND Color Colour SwatchesDaisy DND Colour Swatches

Daisy DND Gel Color Swatches

Daisy DND Color Chart Swatches

Daisy DND Colour Swatches

Daisy DND Color Chart Swatches

Daisy DND Gel Colors

Daisy DND Colour Swatches

Daisy DND Gel Swatches

Daisy Duo Gel Swatches

Daisy DND Gel Swatch


Daisy DND Gel Colors

546-555-daisy-gel-polish 556-563-daisy-gel-polish

Daisy Duo Summer Sale!

Daisy DND gel 10 % off sale

Daisy Duo Summer Sale is going on right now. Save 10% off the regular price. The discount applies to all Daisy DND products. However, it’s for a limited time only. To be precise, until 8/14/2016. So hurry and get some Daisies for your bouquet now!

New DAISY DND Glitter Colors 2015

Daisy DND recently revealed their new colors in early 2015. About 10 totals. Most new colors are glitters – sparkling or matte glitters in variety of shades.

Some colors are shown below.

Daisy Duo 516 Just 4 You

Daisy Duo #516 Just 4 You – Matte black, silver and lilac glitters

Daisy Gel Polish Tropical Waterfall 515

Daisy Tropical Waterfall #515. Turquoise and black tiny glitters/flecks

Daisy Gel Polish Lollipop 517

Daisy Duo Lollipop 517. Tiny red and white glitter flecks

Daisy Gel Polish Dark Sky Light 525

Daisy Dark Sky Light 525. Black base with small silver and blue glitter.

Daisy Gel Polish Kool Berry 520

Daisy Gel Polish Kool Berry 520. Full dark pink and multicolor tiny glitters in clear base.

Daisy Gel Polish Peach Cider 510

Daisy Gel Polish Peach Cider 510. Matte peach and silver tiny glitters.

Daisy Gel Polish Sparkle Nude 511

Daisy Gel Polish Sparkle Nude 511. Light pink matte glitter with some silver glitters.

Daisy Gel Polish Pomegranate 522

Daisy Gel Polish Pomegranate 522. Shimmer medium red

Daisy Gel Polish Green To Green 524

Daisy Gel Polish Green To Green 524. Clear gel polish full of sparkling green glitter.

Daisy DND Berry Cocktail Ice #521

Daisy DND Berry Cocktail Ice #521

Daisy DND Just 4 You #516

Daisy DND Just 4 You #516

Daisy 4 Season #518

Daisy DND 4 Season #518

Daisy Gel Ode To Green #513

Daisy Gel Ode To Green #513

Daisy Gel Polish Kool Berry #520

Daisy Gel Polish Kool Berry #520

Swatches from, and

I must say these colors are unique and lovely. Available now at for $12.95/set. So what do you think? Let us know your favorite color.

Revamped Daisy Duo Gel Polish for Fewer Step Manicure

UPDATE:  We’re looking for bloggers to try out the new Daisy Duo Gel Polish, write and post a review and share the pictures with us. Interested? Just send your email to Thank you!


So recently Daisy released their new Daisy Duo Gel Polish line. And we were all excited with the new bottle, packaging and a free gift of nail polish.

Daisy duo soak off gel polish

About Daisy Duo Gel Polish

To start off,  the new Daisy has all-in-one formula, means no bond and no base needed.  The color has base coat included in it.  So, fewer steps for longer wear. And it would last to 21 days. Compare with the old one, the new bottle is more modern. It’s thick with its UV-protection coat and a black cap. It comes with a nice and sturdy plastic box packaging to protect it.

Daisy Duo is LED and UV lamp cured as well. It’s 2 minutes under UV Lamp and 60 seconds under LED Light. And it’s made in USA.  I think all these improvements are impressive.

What Blogger Said about Daisy Duo

The Daisy polishes applied with ease, only required two coats for full coverage and I had no issues curing in my LED lamp. The removal process was also a dream… the soak-off only took a few minutes. ~ Andrea from

How to apply:

  1. Gently remove the shine from nail bed with 180/240 buffer and clean the oil/dirt from nail bed.
  2. Apply 1st thin layer of Daisy soak-off Duo gel color. Be sure to seal the free edge foe each step.
  3. Cure under UV Lamp for 2 mins or LED for 60 seconds
  4. Apply 2nd layer Daisy soak-off gel color. Cure under UV Lamp or LED lamp with the same time as step 3.
  5. Apply Daisy Top Gel. Cure under UV Lamp or LED with the same time as step 3.
  6. Use a lint free pad/nail wipes with nail cleanser to remove the tacky residue on the nail.

Color Swatches

Just like the old color collection, the new Daisy Duo has many beautiful glitter toppers to offer as well as vibrant neon colors. On the the other side, the nude and taupe colors also enhance the swatches to balance it.

daisy duo gel polish swatches


Daisy Duo Gel Polish Swatches


For now, whenever you buy a new Daisy Duo Gel, you’ll get a free matching nail polish. This is great for matching your toes with your hands.

daisy duo with free nail polish


Daisy Duo and the old Daisy are available at Esther’s Nail Center, your online source for gel nail polish such as CND Shellac, Daisy, Gelish and OPI Gelcolor. Daisy Duo is retailed for $13.95 and the old Daisy is on clearance sale for only $8.99 (Reg. $10.99). Visit the website to discover more.

With much to love, I think Daisy Duo is a winner. It’s really worth to try.  What do you think?

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