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NEW CND Shellac Colors

new shellac colors march 2011

NEW CND Shellac Colors

New CND Shellac Colors

We’re very excited about CND Shellac new colors. And what’s more, we got news that we’ll have them soon. Perhaps, by end of February 2011. So you can start pre-ordering now online at our website Esthersnc.com to get the new colors.

At the moment, we have all the colors, base and top coats, shellac uv lamps and remover wraps. We also have the new CND Shellac Base Coat and Top Coat in the .5oz-size for $32.95 each. Means, doubles the size but costs less. Great for you who wear cnd shellac nail polish frequently.

Now I want to know what is your fave color from the new release? Please post your comment here.

Source photos: www.solessence.com

Adoree African Violet #193

Adoree African Violet #193

Adorée African Violet is super sheer, this swatch is 4 coats. I couldn’t get good pictures of the duochromatic effect but it is visible despite the sheerness. This color by itself with no colored base creates a greenish cast at some angles. It’s very pretty and seems to be a distant cousin of the coveted OPI Sugarplum Yum. Ultimately, due to my preference for opacity, this African Violet is probably not something that I would wear on its own but it’s a great color for layering.

Now, *this* is more like it. African Violet over black create amazing colors. African Violet over black is dark purple .

The swatch above is a representative of the green end of the chromatic spectrum.

Adoree nail polish is available at Esther’s Nail Center (www.esthersnc.com). Review done by Stephanie from PolishAddict

Pinks from Adoree Nail Polish #3

Ok, another post of 4 Pinks from Adoree Nail Polish collection. This is a continuation from previous article “Pinks from Adoree Nail Polish #2″.   These nail polishes are available at Esther’s Nail Center.

Adoree Sheer PinkAdoree Deep Carnation #211Adoree Creme Hot PinkAdoree Wil Orchid #199

From left to right:

Adoree Country Pink #142 – A sheer pale pinks with gold iridescent tone. Show subtle pink on the nails. Also great for layering.

Adoree Deep Carnation #211 – Pretty, bright pink in creme. Great for summer also. Glossy.

Adoree Pink Fashion #178 – This  hot pink in creme will surely brighten up your day. It has more red to it than Adoree #211. Glossy.

Adoree Wild Lilac #199 – A light pink with shimmer, almost to chrome finish. I like this color. It’s delicate, sweet pink but shimmery enough to get attention. The color on the picture show the bluish tone but not on the application.

Ok, I hope these posts are a great opening for many more pinks to come. Happy spring!

Spring DIY Nail Ideas

I recommend reading this great post on seventeen.com about Nail Art Ideas for spring season. All ideas are DIY and great for natural nails. Levels are from simple to difficult with creative nail polish application, nail art gems and pearls. You can find all stuff needed at EsthersNC.com, your online source for nail art.

Photo from Seventeen.com

Pinks from Adoree Nail Polish #2

This is a continuation from previous article “Pinks from Adoree Nail Polish #1”. I’d like to present another set of 4 pinks from Adoree collection. These nail polishes are available at Esther’s Nail Center.

Adoree #143 Hot LipsAdoree #164 Rose FreezeAdoree #212 BegoniaAdoree #213 Ribbon Pink

From left to right:

Adoree #143 Hot Lips – Just like it’s name this color is a hot pink with blue tone iridescent finish. More to satin look than glossy. It’s a vibrant color that would really show on nails.

Adoree #164 Rose Freeze – A perfect name for this pink since it hold a bit glitters in it. When applied on nail, it’ll show only subtle glitters.  A shimmer pastel pink. Because of the glitter characteristic, it may need some layers for even finish.

Adoree #212 Begonia –  I love this medium, dusty rose pink. It comes to a shimmer, almost metallic finish.

Adoree #213 Ribbon Pink – This is like the color of pale pink ribbon with subtle green iridescent look.  A very pale pink, similar to natural pink French Manicure.

Love pink? Couldn’t get enough?  Then wait for the next post of the other 4 pink shades.

Adoree Lemon Meringue #130

This color reminds me a bit of Maybelline Banana Puddin’: a slightly more saturated yellow and not as sheer. It still took four coats to even this out (and there are several spots where it still isn’t even). This was an NOTD for a couple of days and there was no chipping and virtually no tipwear at the end of the third day. Reviewed by Flinty from Polish or Perish blog.

Adoree Lemon Meringue #130

Adoree Lemon Meringue #130

Adoree Lemon Meringue #130

Adoree nail polish is available at Esther’s Nail Center (www.esthersnc.com)

Pinks from Adoree Nail Polish #1

Pink is always a popular shade for spring. So from Adoree color collection, we pick some pinks to show off – 4 colors at a time. Let’s start.

Adoree #139 Exotic PinkAdoree #188 Cactus bloomAdoree #116 Pink TaffyAdoree #144 Full Bloom

From left to right.
Adoree #139 is a sweet creamy baby pink . This pastel shade won’t show too much pink but not appropriate for french manicure because it’s kinda opaque.

Adoree #188 Cactus Bloom is slightly more pink than Adoree Exotic Pink. This is a nice pink with bluish pearly finish. Slight sheer, would need 2-3 coats to build up.

Adoree #116 Pink Taffy is a vivid barbie pink with slightly shimmer look. Somehow, the look on nails reminds me to its name, Taffy.

Adoree #144 Full Bloom is a light peachy pink with bold metallic finish.

Ok, I hope this is helpful. I’ll try to have photos of the colors on the nails. More pinks will be posted.

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