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Diet Clues For Healthy Nails

Look at those pretty nails… These little inverted U-shaped formations, ‘breathing’ at the fingertips and your toes, are complex structures and perform some essential functions. It is ‘tiny’ only when compared to other body parts, but stands right along with your liver and pancreas.

Nails are biologically formed of keratin, which is an extremely tough form of protein. Keratin also forms a major constituent of human hair and even the outermost layer of the human skin. When a deficiency of protein and vitamins begin to manifest, the amount of keratin in the body produces starts declining, and it adversely affects the growth of the nails, turning the finger and toenails into shapeless cracked forms.

The point is crystal-clear. In order to have a family of healthy nails on your body, you need to have a healthy and a balanced diet. Next time, you find a pale nail on your finger or a white-spotted nail, include more of all those vitamins and minerals and the body cells would manufacture more of keratin and make sure the nails are more healthy and strong. Keratin requires an adequate amount of cysteine in the body for its structural integrity. To have healthy nails, you need to have cysteine-rich foods.

  • Soybeans: You probably had no idea that these small chunks had this in them! This magical food is gifted with anti-aging properties. Include soybeans in your diet and feel the magic on your hair, skin and nails. Soybean reduces roughness, splitting, and flaking in nails and gives them a healthier and stylish appearance.
  • Fish: Salmon, sardines and mackerel form a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid, and we can never get enough of omega-3 fatty acid. This element, which has keratin, is very important in the formation of the outermost layer of skin. Salmon is extremely rich in vitamin B12 and plays a vital role in strengthening the nails. Smoked salmon or fried, but make sure that you have it.
  • Sunflower seeds: Sounds nutty? It shouldn’t. Sunflower seeds are a good source of zinc and vitamin E and B6. Regular intake of these seeds results in stronger nails.
  • Green peas: Talk about the small and mighty… well, you have peas for that! The perfect protein punch always has peas in it. A member of the legume family, peas contains beta-carotene and is also a rich source of vitamin C. Include these legumes in the diet — either frozen, canned, or dried — and bolster the health and growth of your nails.

These are some tips to make your nails healthy. And, never forget to follow a healthy diet to nourish your body and remove toxins from the body to have a healthier skin, hair and nails!

Source: Becky Ziemba. She is a freelance blogger who likes to talk about many things like health, art, environment, leisure, entrepreneurs, and businesses through interesting, and shareable blog posts. When I am not writing, I spend my time with my two little boys. You can read more of my works here: http://medium.com/@beckyd.ziemba

Pre-designed Nail Tips

Pre-designed Nail Tips

Just arrived – Professional quality pre-designed nail tips for quick nail application. Also great for french manicure. Actual nail tips are prettier than shown on the photos. The glitter is very fine one with rainbow colors. There are 5-size tips, 20 ct for each size. Comes in a clear plastic compartment. Limited quantity. We have planned to bring more new designs in the future. Available at the Nail Art section.

How to use false nail tips for your french manicure:

  1. Nails should be thoroughly cleaned and existing polish should be removed.
  2. Use buffer and buff top of natural nail.
  3. Choose the proper size of nail for each finger.
  4. Apply 1/2 drop of nail glue down the center of the natural nail and spread it.
  5. Place nail tip over natural nail and press down.
  6. Trim nail tips to your designed length.
  7. Add on overlay of your choice. Gently file the edge so the nail tip is even with your own nail.


  1. Do not apply on infected, weak or damaged nails.
  2. Do not expose to heat or flame.
  3. Leave a space between the cuticle and the nail tip
  4. Keep out of reach of children.