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Top Ways to Organize Your Nail Care Station

Hello, nail polish enthusiasts! We know you’re one of us—someone whose bathroom sink may be covered with a rainbow of those tiny glass bottles. Since organizing your nail care station can really level up your mani/pedi experience, we at Modernize want to share a few of our favorite solutions.

nail polish rack

Nail Polish Into Art

One of our favorite organizational solutions is a hanging nail polish rack. You can purchase or build a few shelves to house your favorite colors—maybe the CND Shellac Art Vandal Collection that’s just coming out. Choose shelves that match your bathroom decor, or spring for a pop of accent color.

And don’t be afraid to get creative with shelving. Much like photo collages, you can find shelves that have a geometric style and actually create a work of art out of your favorite polishes. You can also find lazy-susan nail polish trays, perfect for spinning around to the color you need. This is a great solution if you’re implementing nail art and need several colors.

organize your nail files

File Your Files

Once you’ve organized your favorite polish colors, it’s time to find a solution for nail care tools. If you’re like us, you probably have several sizes of nail clippers, files, buffer boards, cuticle clippers, and cuticle gels. Strewn out across the counter, those small items can take up a lot of room and cause clutter.

Luckily, you can get creative when organizing and tie into your bathroom decor. Antique cans can be repurposed to use as jars to store files and clippers. These cans can add a retro aesthetic to your design. You can also store nail care items in a decorative box with a latch. The latch will keep the contents contained if you accidentally knock the box off the counter (or if you have a pet!) Decorative boxes come in plenty of different sizes and patterns—you can usually find them at craft stores or in the gift wrap section.

If your nail care accessories are decorations in themselves, go for clear, tinted, or painted mason jars and store your accessories in the open. Pack mason jars with cotton balls and Q-tips, and set them on the vanity — or hang them on the wall!

manicure station

Lights, Mirrors, Action

You need great lighting in your mani/pedi station, especially if you’re getting into more intricate nail art. It can be difficult to attach crushed shells, rhinestones, or nail glitter flakes if you can’t see what you’re doing. We recommend vanity-style lighting around a large mirror to boost up the glam factor. You could also spring for overhead track lighting with soft bulbs. Just avoid fluorescents!

Alternatively, you could choose a small, adjustable lamp to shine light on each area where you work to get a better view. Make sure you have a vanity mirror so you can see how great you look!

When it comes time to dry the paint, pick up one of our UV gel nail lamps and a pair of anti-UV fingerless gloves. This will keep your skin safe, and your mani will be done in no time! Store your drying accessories in a drawer, or set up a station to feel like you’re in a real nail salon!

This article and its content was provided by the staff at Modernize. The views and opinions expressed within this post are those of the author alone and do not represent Esther’s Nail Center. The copyright of this content belongs to the author and any liability with regards to infringement of intellectual property rights remains with them.

Glow In The Dark Nail Stickers

There are a lot of Glow-in-the-dark stuff around us, from toys to nail polish.  Take the idea into nail art and we have Glow In The Dark nail stickers.

The new Glow In The Dark water nail stickers are now available at EsthersNC.com. These stickers are super fun to wear. They glow green in the dark while look white or colorful in the light. Perfect for Halloween or any night events.

Since they are water transfer decals, you need water to apply.  Expose them to light for a few minutes before seeing them glow in the dark. Otherwise, they won’t glow brightly or won’t glow at all.  Repeat if necessary.

How to Apply

  1. Clean the nails with nail cleanser.
  2. Apply nail polish as a background. Wait until it dry.
  3. Select your choice of sticker and cut it out. Remove the film from it.
  4. Place it into water 10-20 seconds. Use warm water in winter. It does not matter if you place it face-down or face-up. Wait until the paper backing is wet.
  5. Moisten the fingernail. Place the sticker in position.
  6. Let’s wait for 1 or 2 minutes to let the sticker fully set.
  7. Dry nail with paper towel.
  8. Apply top coat to seal the nail art.


Below are some cool patterns that are available at our store. Left picture shows stickers in the dark. Right picture shows stickers under normal light.

chanel dior logo glow in the dark nail stickers chanel dior logo-glow-in-dark-stickers

faces glow phosporescent stickers faces-white-fluorescent-stickers

zipper glow in the dark nail stickers zipper glow in the dark nail stickers

hello kitty glow in the dark nail art sticker hello kitty glow in the dark nail art sticker

gid009-glow-dark-stickers gid009-glow-dark-stickers-light gid019-hello-kitty-glow-dark-stickers gid019-hello-kitty-light-stickers gid020-glow-hello-kitty-luminous-stickers gid020-light-hello-kitty-luminous-stickers

These stickers are available at Esther’s Nail Center at $2.50 per sheet.  There are many stickers in one sheet to last for a long time.

So what do you think? Do you like it or not? Share your comment below.

Jamberry Nails Shields Now Available

Not exactly at EsthersNC.com but on my Jamberry website. Yes, I am officially a Jamberry Nails Consultant. The reason the nail shields are not in Esther’s Nail Center store because they wouldn’t let us sell them with other products so I have to have a separate store exclusively selling Jamberry Nails products.

Jamberry Nails

Here’s my Jamberry store: esther.jamberrynails.net . Please check out my store because they have wonderful, wonderful nail designs.

What are Jamberry Nails?

Perhaps, many of you don’t know what Jamberry Nails are because they are quite new in the nail industry. Jamberry nail shields are like nail stickers to cover your nail. You don’t need any polish at all to use and the result is amazing and long-lasting if applied properly. Here’s what Jamberry said about them:

Jamberry Nail Shields are the newest way to accessorize your fingers and toes. Get your own unique,  professional nail design and say “Goodbye!” to nail polish. With today’s hottest celebrities already wearing unique nail designs, it’s quickly becoming a fashion “must have.”

This new nail treatment can be applied in just fifteen minutes at home. With over 150 styles available, these designer nail shields are made to last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish, they won’t chip and require no drying time. It’s so easy to achieve a professional, salon look at a fraction of  the cost.

The shields are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat activated to create a water tight bond to your nail. The shields are made in the USA, with no harsh chemicals and latex free.

jamberry nails flyer

One Jamberry nail shield sheet is designed to be used easily at salon or home for 2 or 3 sets. You only need cuticle pusher, scissors, hair dryer, nail file, nail buffer, alcohol or nail polish remover and nail wipes.

How to apply Jamberry Nails

I’ve posted a detail tutorial on how to apply Jamberry Nails with a lot of photos to make it easy and clear. Check out “Jamberry Nails Review and Tutorial

How to Remove

Use hair dryer to heat for 15 seconds and slowly peel from the corner of your nail.

For complete how to, check out the video tutorial below on how to apply Jamberry nails shields.


Sounds easy and fun? Check out Jamberry Nails today!

Just in Time for Halloween Nail Sticker

Perfect for Halloween, this sticker is beautiful, even prettier than other stickers at other places, said one customer.  This cute Halloween-theme sticker comes with cute jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts and other boo-tiful  patterns.  Not only that, it is also embellished with colorful gems, instantly gives sparkle to your nails.

gem sticker halloween nail

art nail sticker halloween

Available at Esther’s Nail Center. Price is $2.99. You may get different patterns than the one shown here.

New Nail Art Stamping Plate Images

We just received our newest nail art stamping image plates with a variety of designs and much less price. Yay! I am happy for these plates because they are round, have good quality with low prices. Check out the pictures of these stamping image plates:

nail art stamping image plates

A set of 19 stamping nail art plates is only $15.95. Each plate is covered by a fine plastic film and protected in a small plastic bag. Before using it, be sure to remove the plastic film on top of the plate.

Also available at Esther’s Nail Center, the stamp and scraper set and a nail art stamping starter kit. This kit contains a scraper and stamp set, plus 3 image plates for just $6.49.

Simple Plaid Nail Art Tutorial

A simple, yet cute plaid print nails tutorial. Great for back-to-school nails to match your uniform, for example. Nail polish design and tutorial are provided by Asami from Nail Art by Asami blog. In this tutorial Asami use the white Nail Art by Adoree. You can get it at our Nail Art by Adoree section.

What you’ll need:

Here’s the video tutorial for this easy nail art design.

Glitter Nail Stickers Tutorial

Tutorial on how to use glitter nail sticker that covers the whole nail plate. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how easy it is to apply and remove the nail cover sticker, make it a favorite to use whenever time is short but good-looking nail is important.

glitter nail sticker on nails

The following photos and tutorial are provided with permission by Asami from Nails by Asami Blog. Nail sticker used in this tutorial is available on the Glitter Nail Sticker page.

While I do enjoy creating designs from scratch, several times a month I opt instead for plain color or nail stickers to give myself a break from the time and effort that’s involved in handpainting nail art. I’m a big fan of nail stickers in general and I buy quite a few myself whenever I find cute ones; they’re the fastest way to get intricate embellishments on without any other needed supplies.

Recently I was sent a type of nail sticker that I’ve never seen before, designs made out of glitter that are meant to cover your entire nail plate. If you’ve ever tried those dry nail polish strips from Avon, Sephora or Incoco, these work in a similar fashion but are composed of glitter and have cute designs integrated onto the sticker itself.

glitter nail sticker on nails

My overall favorite thing about these is how fast they are to put on; the whole process only takes a few minutes and there is no drying time unless you choose to add a clear topcoat. Compared to the hour or two I normally spend on nail art, these are a breeze.

There are plenty of stickers on a sheet and I have enough left for another two manicures so I’ll be saving what’s left for a time when I’m in a rush and need something cute on my nails quickly.

Clean your nail plate

The first step in applying glitter nail stickers is to clean your nail plate by running a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover over your nails. It only takes a second, and it can really extend the life of your manicure because stickers will adhere better to nails that are free of natural oils or hand soap moisturizers.

Place sticker on nail

Simply place a sticker against your nail. I like to pick up all my nail stickers with tweezers because again, it keeps my skin’s natural oils from touching the back of the sticker so the adhesive can remain as sticky as possible. I also think it’s easier to place a sticker successfully when it’s held with tweezers.

Push on the sides of the sticker to conform it to the curves of your nail. These are very thin and stick well if you apply a little pressure. Using small cuticle scissors, trim off any excess.

Press the nail sticker

The only downside to stickers that are meant to cover your entire nail is that they might not perfectly fit everyone’s nail shape, but when you’re after a quick and simple process I think perfection isn’t usually the main concern. As you can see, my cuticle curve is quite rounded, while these glitter nail stickers are almost square shaped, but once it’s on you can’t really tell and certainly from a normal distance it would not be noticeable if they didn’t perfectly match up.

It’s easier to trim the excess if you view your nails from the underside.

Keep any extra you trim off, because after being cut they are the perfect shape for glitter French tips. Just place any extra back on the paper and later on you can use them for a glitter French manicure. (If your nails especially long, you might not have enough extra left for this, but the stickers have a good length to them so I think most people should.)

Top Coat for Longer Wear

When you’re finished, if you like you can add a coat of clear topcoat to make your glitter nail stickers stay on longer. I’d recommend wrapping your tips to give the edge of the stickers a little added protection

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that my favorite thing about these was the short time it takes to apply them, but definitely a close second is the fact that they are even easier to remove. I’m sure you all dislike removing several coats of glitter nail polish as much as I do, as glitter polish can be quite stubborn. I was very pleased to discover that if you place a cotton square with nail polish remover on it against these stickers, they become slick and slide right off in practically one piece.

I think these would be ideal for young girls because the designs are fun and youthful and they are easy enough for girls to apply by themselves without the worry of spilling loose glitter or chemicals all over. If you have wide nails you might have an issue with a bit blank space on your thumbs in the same way that full image Konad stamping plates never completely cover my thumbs, but that’s not a deal breaker for me as most people would never notice a bit of space on the sides anyway. All in all these were really fun to apply and I love penguins!

A big thank you to Esther’s Nail Center for kindly sending me the glitter nail stickers I used in this post. They have seven different styles available for $3.99 each, with thirty stickers of varying sizes on each sheet. Get the glitter nail stickers now!

Nail Art Design We Like

Yaay…we are very happy to be mentioned in Carolines Mode blog on April 7th. She was wearing her ‘Chanails’, matching her Chanel purse. It’s basically, it’s dark nail polish with Chanel Nail Decal (bought at Esther’s Nail Center) on top.  Beautiful and elegant, isn’t it?

And because of her post, we had a huge amount of visitors yesterday, flocking to our nail sticker page. If you’d like to get this look, you can buy a Chanel Nail Sticker  at Esther’s Nail Center.

Fyi, we also have other Designer Logo Nail Stickers such as Dior, LV, D&G and others.  Just check out our Nail Sticker section.

Chanel Nail Sticker

Photo source: Carolines Mode