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Reverse French Manicure

I  love to see this tutorial for Reverse French Manicure from The Cherry Blossom Girl blog, because it’s so classy, chic, seems easy and the photos are beautiful. So I think you should check it out. I put the final photo here so you can see what I am talking about.

Classy Reverse French Manicure

Nail Art Neat Trick with Masking Fluid

Just read the other day about a neat trick to get neat french manicure or nail art designs. I am sure you know about stencil, painting by using a cut-out design. You can paint the same way to your nail by painting using masking fluid. If you don’t know what it is, masking fluid is a liquid used to block out areas of a watercolor while you paint, thereby retaining the white of the paper or the previous color that was painted (from Art Glossary).

Applying masking fluid for nail artFinal nail art design with masking fluid

Basically, you paint areas where you don’t want the nail art there with masking fluid and brush. Use thinner brush to do a neater more detailed line. Then after it’s dry, paint your nail art design. Finally, peel of the masking fluid from the nail and it’s done.  If you are interested, visit this blog ‘My Lucid Bubble‘ for detail instructions.

Photo from My Lucid Bubble blog.

Solid Glitter Nail Accent

Glitter nail as an accent or for whole nails are great for the upcoming festive months. Want to know the secret how to create one? Here’s a nice post on how to have solid glitter nail from TiffanyD blog, as well as a way to use your long-forgotten loose glitters.

So here’s the situation, you want a super rich glitter nail but no lumpy and thick nail from too many layers of glitter nail polish. The trick is you can use the loose nail glitter to create this solid-glitter nail as an accent or for all nails.

Here’s what to do:
1. Paint all of your nails a normal non-glittery color.
2. Pick an “accent” nail for the glitter (Or go crazy and do all of them…your call.)
3. Use a thick top coat and paint that over the nail to be glittered.
4. Working over a paper plate or bowl, gently dip the nail into the glitter or sprinkle the glitter directly over the nail (like I did in this case because the container was too small for dipping action).
5. Let the glitter “set” for a minute or two, giving the top coat time to dry.
6. Rinse the nail under cold water to get any excess glitter off the nail. Don’t worry, if it’s cold water, it won’t mess anything up.
7. Paint another coat of  topcoat over the glitter.

This process only takes only a couple minutes with amazing result. For details you can visit her blog.

Wondering where to get nail glitters? Esther’s Nail Center have affordable nail art supplies such as a set of 10-colors of nail glitters  as well as other types of nail glitters.

Black Lace Nail Design

Simple and elegant black lace nail art design, yet very easy. This is a combination of black tip French Manicure with lace nail stickers to create alluring nail art design.

Even though this look is super easy to apply, I’m incredibly enamored with it and it ends up looking pretty intricate. I think these black lace French tips have a lot of detail to them and the overall look is pretty and alluring.

Black Lace Nail Sticker Design

Like I said, it’s a simple look to achieve. I used French manicure guideline stickers to apply my black tips, placed my lace nail stickers and sealed them in with a topcoat to finish.

Lace Nail Sticker

I only used two lines for all ten of my nails, so one $2.99 pack really goes a long way. They’re 3D stickers which mean the black is slightly “bubbled up” to give them more of a lace-like appearance when they’re on your nails. This gives an interesting texture to the overall look. Each row is one long strip, so you can trim them to the perfect width and mix and match the different lace designs.

Black Lace Nail Art Designs

These black lace nail stickers were sent to me by the always friendly Esther’s Nail Center, so a big thank you to them for their kindness. (Their nail stickers are all 20% off right now until 8/31/2010.)

Here’s a closeup so you can see the texture of the stickers.

I love this look a lot! Maybe it’s not so summery but I don’t mind; these are my favorite nail stickers at the moment. What do you think of my quick and easy black lace nails?

Photos and design are provided by Asami from Nails by Asami blog. The 3D Lace Nail Sticker featured here is available at 3D Nail Sticker section.

Simple Plaid Nail Art Tutorial

A simple, yet cute plaid print nails tutorial. Great for back-to-school nails to match your uniform, for example. Nail polish design and tutorial are provided by Asami from Nail Art by Asami blog. In this tutorial Asami use the white Nail Art by Adoree. You can get it at our Nail Art by Adoree section.

What you’ll need:

Here’s the video tutorial for this easy nail art design.

Simple July 4th Nail Designs

Hello! I hope everyone has fun this Fourth of July weekend. I have three U.S. Independence Day inspired nail designs for you. All three are of an easy difficulty level so everyone can wear something cute for the fourth.

I used these Nail Art polishes by Adorée to make the flag stripes design. I used the white to draw out the stripes, and the blue to make a clean tip line; I then layered over a coat of glitter polish on top of the blue tip to add a bit of glitter. These Nail Art polishes have long, thin striper brushes that are ideal for drawing out straight lines and stripes. These were sent to me by the always friendly Esther’s Nail Center.

For the third Fourth of July design, start with a white creme base using white nail polish, such as Adoree Pure White #150.

Draw out a red line near the tip of your nail. This “Red Eye” has a bit of a gold flash that I like, you can see it in the next picture.

Repeat the process on the rest of your nails.

Next, using blue, draw out a similar line below the red. This is a fairly quick nail design to do, even though you’re decorating every nail. It doesn’t take very long to make a stripe on each finger.

Easy stars and stripes!

Don’t forget to add topcoat to fully cover the pointy edges of the stars so they don’t catch on your clothing.

Thank you to Esther’s Nail Center for kindly sending me the three Nail Art by Adoree polishes I used in this post. They offer many different colors, some creme, some glitter and some with different colored flash like “Red Eye” shown here. They each cost $6 or can be purchased in bundles for a cheaper price.

Glitter Nail Stickers Tutorial

Tutorial on how to use glitter nail sticker that covers the whole nail plate. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how easy it is to apply and remove the nail cover sticker, make it a favorite to use whenever time is short but good-looking nail is important.

glitter nail sticker on nails

The following photos and tutorial are provided with permission by Asami from Nails by Asami Blog. Nail sticker used in this tutorial is available on the Glitter Nail Sticker page.

While I do enjoy creating designs from scratch, several times a month I opt instead for plain color or nail stickers to give myself a break from the time and effort that’s involved in handpainting nail art. I’m a big fan of nail stickers in general and I buy quite a few myself whenever I find cute ones; they’re the fastest way to get intricate embellishments on without any other needed supplies.

Recently I was sent a type of nail sticker that I’ve never seen before, designs made out of glitter that are meant to cover your entire nail plate. If you’ve ever tried those dry nail polish strips from Avon, Sephora or Incoco, these work in a similar fashion but are composed of glitter and have cute designs integrated onto the sticker itself.

glitter nail sticker on nails

My overall favorite thing about these is how fast they are to put on; the whole process only takes a few minutes and there is no drying time unless you choose to add a clear topcoat. Compared to the hour or two I normally spend on nail art, these are a breeze.

There are plenty of stickers on a sheet and I have enough left for another two manicures so I’ll be saving what’s left for a time when I’m in a rush and need something cute on my nails quickly.

Clean your nail plate

The first step in applying glitter nail stickers is to clean your nail plate by running a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover over your nails. It only takes a second, and it can really extend the life of your manicure because stickers will adhere better to nails that are free of natural oils or hand soap moisturizers.

Place sticker on nail

Simply place a sticker against your nail. I like to pick up all my nail stickers with tweezers because again, it keeps my skin’s natural oils from touching the back of the sticker so the adhesive can remain as sticky as possible. I also think it’s easier to place a sticker successfully when it’s held with tweezers.

Push on the sides of the sticker to conform it to the curves of your nail. These are very thin and stick well if you apply a little pressure. Using small cuticle scissors, trim off any excess.

Press the nail sticker

The only downside to stickers that are meant to cover your entire nail is that they might not perfectly fit everyone’s nail shape, but when you’re after a quick and simple process I think perfection isn’t usually the main concern. As you can see, my cuticle curve is quite rounded, while these glitter nail stickers are almost square shaped, but once it’s on you can’t really tell and certainly from a normal distance it would not be noticeable if they didn’t perfectly match up.

It’s easier to trim the excess if you view your nails from the underside.

Keep any extra you trim off, because after being cut they are the perfect shape for glitter French tips. Just place any extra back on the paper and later on you can use them for a glitter French manicure. (If your nails especially long, you might not have enough extra left for this, but the stickers have a good length to them so I think most people should.)

Top Coat for Longer Wear

When you’re finished, if you like you can add a coat of clear topcoat to make your glitter nail stickers stay on longer. I’d recommend wrapping your tips to give the edge of the stickers a little added protection

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that my favorite thing about these was the short time it takes to apply them, but definitely a close second is the fact that they are even easier to remove. I’m sure you all dislike removing several coats of glitter nail polish as much as I do, as glitter polish can be quite stubborn. I was very pleased to discover that if you place a cotton square with nail polish remover on it against these stickers, they become slick and slide right off in practically one piece.

I think these would be ideal for young girls because the designs are fun and youthful and they are easy enough for girls to apply by themselves without the worry of spilling loose glitter or chemicals all over. If you have wide nails you might have an issue with a bit blank space on your thumbs in the same way that full image Konad stamping plates never completely cover my thumbs, but that’s not a deal breaker for me as most people would never notice a bit of space on the sides anyway. All in all these were really fun to apply and I love penguins!

A big thank you to Esther’s Nail Center for kindly sending me the glitter nail stickers I used in this post. They have seven different styles available for $3.99 each, with thirty stickers of varying sizes on each sheet. Get the glitter nail stickers now!

Summer Flip Flop Nail Art Designs

One of the ways to “stay cool” during summer months is to wear cool flip-flops. This year flip-flops fashion is full of color and shine, so why should your toes be different. Pick a few bright polish colors to match your favorite flip-flops and add some rhinestones to the mix. Shining in the bright summer sun they will transform the simplest nail designs into a sparkly piece of art work.

Visit Summer Flip Flop Nail Art Designs article to read more.

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