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Jamberry Nails Re-designed

Jamberry Nails has been working hard to re-design its nail shield for easier and more successful application.

Here’s what they said in their consultant newsletter:

As announced last week (January 2013), we have made some remarkable changes to the overall material of the nail wraps!

Besides the clear backing which makes sizing process much easier, we formulated the material to be thinner and the adhesive to be more effective on a larger variety of nails.

Over the past 8 months we have been working hard on finding ways to improve an already successful product. Our goals were simple, how can we make the application experience more successful for both first-time and returning customers without sacrificing durability and performance.

We believe that we have formulated the perfect combination of material, adhesive and variety of designs to help our Consultants and customers have the look and experience they are hoping for. It seems that our Consultants think so too!

So what has changed?

  1. New transparent backing material. This will allow customers the ability to size the material against their nails before peeling them off the sheet. (Please note that there is a white instruction card added to the packaging of the nail shields, which makes the shields to appear to be applied to the old white backing, however, if you remove the instruction card, you will see the clear backing on your sheet of nail wrap)
  2. New thinner durable material. A thinner material makes the application process faster, and easier. Even though the product is thinner we have engineered a way to make it just as durable.
  3. New adhesive. The new adhesive will help customers have higher success even if they don’t have a perfect nail preparation process.

Let’s hear what the consultant said about the new Jamberry.

Consultant, Emily shares, “I cannot begin to say how thrilled I am with the new product. It is amazing! SO easy and fast to apply. For me, the thinner vinyl is what is the best. They go on like butter! IN LOVE!”

Consultant, Kelly, “They are awesome! Heat up really fast and really adhere a lot better with little heat. Previously I needed to heat them up a lot but these didn’t take much so they went on faster too!!! I think it’s made the process a lot simpler and faster.”

So have you ever tried Jamberry Nail Shields? It’s the time now. You can purchase Jamberry Nail Shields at esther.jamberrynails.net. It still has a special offer of ‘Buy 3 Get 1 FREE’.

Below are the new Holiday 2013 Designs. Check them out.

jamberry nails holiday insert  2013

CLOSED – FREE Jamberry Nails Sample to Try

—Update 7/30/2012—–

Sorry, the giveaway is closed. We’ll be offering again in the future once we have more samples. Thank you for your interest.

We’re giving away free sample of Jamberry Nails for you to try. Choose your choice from the photo below and leave your comment with your choice and email.

We’ll contact you for the shipping address.  Sorry Jamberry nails are available in the US only so the samples are available for US residents only. Sample will be shipped in the mail.  One sample per customer until we run out of it.

If you don’t know about Jamberry Nails, read about What are Jamberry Nails. Read also How To Apply Jamberry Nails and the removal process.

jamberry nails samples

Ordering Jamberry Nails is easy, just click the button below to go to my Jamberry Nails website.

Jamberry Nails

How To Remove Jamberry Nails

How to remove Jamberry nail shields in a few simple steps:

  1. Get your hair dryer ready. Warm up each nail shield about 15 seconds.
  2. The nail shield (or part of it) will peel off. Gently peel from the nail corner slowly.
  3. If it seems difficult to remove, repeat step 1 until it is removed completely, or do the gentle removal process below.
how to remove jamberry nails

Jamberry Gentle Removal Process

  1. Soak the Nail Shields in nail polish remover for 20-30 seconds and gently rub them off. Use a soaker tray for this.
  2. Soaking will break down the adhesive bond and allow them to easily slide of the nail bed.

After Removal

You can use alcohol/polish remover to clean your nails from residue. What I noticed when I remove Jamberry nails is some nail shields peeled off some nails with them. Although the peeling occurred, it didn’t weaken my nails. I was told by a Jamberry nail rep regarding this problem. Basically, many things can cause this. So apply cuticle oil often, buff gently and give rest for nails before applying another Jamberry shields set.

I’ll try the gentle removal process next time and see if this helps.

If you are interested in trying Jamberry nail shields, hosting a party or becoming a Jamberry consultant, feel free to visit my website at esther.jamberrynails.net

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Jamberry Nails Review and Tutorial

shop jamberry nails After experimenting Jamberry nails for the first time, I am eager to write my review about Jamberry Nails (if you want to know what Jamberry Nails are, read “Jamberry Nails“)  and tutorial on how to apply the Jamberry nail shields. I used the manicure supplies and sample of Jamberry nails from the consultant kit. But you can purchase them at any nail supplies, such as EsthersNC.com. To purchase Jamberry nails, visit esther.jamberrynails.net.

jamberry nails

Jamberry Nail Review

First of all, I need to let you know why I like Jamberry Nails. We’ve been selling nail products for over 7 years now and there are always new products with new technologies pop up in the market. First there was regular nail polish. Then recently we have popular soak-off gel polish and shellac that revolutionize the application and durability of nail polish. With gel polish or shellac, application is easy and nail polish can stay up to 3 weeks on nails. This is amazing compare to regular nail polish that, if lucky, can stay 1 week.  The drawback is to do your manicure or pedicure at home you have to invest a lot of money in the beginning to buy more expensive nail polish and the lamp and the application can be overwhelming to some people.

shop jamberry nails Then Jamberry nails came to my attention recently. After I read its review on a blog, I was excited and thought this was a must-have product for people who love to do their nails at home. I became Jamberry Nails consultant right away because I wanted to offer it at Esther’s Nail Center. Unfortunately, Jamberry won’t allow its consultant to sell Jamberry products alongside other third-party products. So we have a separate store just for Jamberry Nails: esther.jamberrynails.net

What I like about Jamberry Nails compare to other products is that they are very easy to apply and remove. I read the instruction for my first nail. Afterwards I pretty much could remember almost all the steps.  Application has no harsh odor from nail polish, in fact no nail polish needed, it’s very easy on budget only $15 per sheet for 2 to 3 manicures, and long-lasting. It’s supposed to stay on finger nails for 2 weeks and toe nails for 6 weeks.

Drawbacks always exist with any product, including the popular CND Shellac or Gelish. What I find hard using Jamberry nails..ehm…ehm…is that it’s hard to cover completely your nail bed. My nail is wider on the tip. This leaves some tiny spaces that can’t be covered by the shield. If you look closely you can see it clearly. The other problem that I just notice is that it’s very difficult to apply the shield as French Manicure tip. Has to cut it precisely and the shield is easy to lift up. Maybe it’s just my lack of practice. So I hope in the next catalog Jamberry will release some French Manicure designs.

How To Apply Jamberry Nails

Step 1. Gather all your manicure supplies.

Jamberry nails review step 1

The supplies are alcohol, nail file, cuticle pusher, sharp small scissor, hair dryer, nail buffer block, Jamberry nail shields, and the instruction available on the back of the nail shields.

Step 2. Clean nails with nail polish remover or alcohol. (Clean, oil free nails are one of the most important steps of the application). I used Alcohol and it virtually has no odor (very low odor) so I felt comfortable working with it in a closed room.  I like to clean one nail at a time and apply a shield right away. That way I will make sure the nail is clean before applying a shield.

jamberry nails review wipe clean nails

Step 3: Buff top of the nail to remove the shine and prepare the nail bed for optimal result. Then, push back cuticle.

jamberry nails review buff nail bed

Step 4: Match nail (finger or toe) to the nail shield that best fits. It’s rather difficult to find a perfect match. If the paper is like a plastic transparent it would be easier I think. Basically, choose a shield in a size that won’t touch the cuticle area. If the shield covers the cuticle, it won’t stay long.

jamberry nails review select nail shield

Step 5: Cut and peel the nail shield. Cut it to the size you need. When peeling the shield, make sure sure you touch only the very edge of the shield that will be trimmed  to minimize oil or dirt on the adhesive. You can also use a tweezers. But I find using hand is easier.

jamberry nails review cut and peel

Step 6: Warm it with a blow-dryer 10-15 seconds or until soft and flexible.  I recommend to 20 second.

jamberry nails review heat nail shield

Step 7: When warm, press the shield onto the nail.  Apply firm pressure around edges to adhere the shield to the nail.  Use cuticle pusher to seal the shield around the cuticle. Do step 7, twice or 3 times to ensure long-lasting application.

jamberry nails review press shield

Step 8: Trim the top with scissors and file off remaining shield using a downward motion to remove excess. Sometimes a strand of the shield comes out when you file. That’s okay. Keep filing until the edge of the shield clean. You can see that the shield sticks very neatly on the nail.

jamberry nails review cut nail shield

jamberry nails review  file nail

Step 9: Apply heat and pressure to the shield again. Repeating this step several times helps create a tight seal to the nail surface and increases wear time. I would do this twice before I move on the next one. No top coat needed. You’re ready to go.

shop jamberry nails

Final Result


jamberry nails

jamberry nails

I was amazed at how easy to apply the nail shields. I noticed after a few minutes the shield on my pinky lifted a bit. So I warmed the shield and apply pressure on it. I am not sure why this happened. Maybe it needed more of the heat-and-pressure step.

The next day, half of the shield on my pinky started to lift. However, since the tip part still stuck to the nail, the shield still looked good. The only problem was my hair sometimes got trapped underneath the shield so my hair got pulled many times.


jamberry nails review day 6 right hand

Right Hand

jamberry review day 6 left hand

Left Hand

On day 4, the shield on one pinky peeled off without hurting my nail. The photos above shows the nail shields after 6 days. I use my right hand much more than my left hand. As you can see there are more tear and wear signs on the right ones. I noticed the shields around the cuticle on some nails started to lift off, causing my hair, lints, fabric strands got trapped underneath them.

I really want to change my nails but I just have to be patient to see if Jamberry nails stand up to its claim.

I’ll update this post to report how long Jamberry nails shields stay on my nails. Thanks for staying tune and feel free to comment below.

DAY 14

On day 14, I took the shield that covered my pointer finger because my hair always got trapped under it.  So after constant hair-pulling, I finally peeled it off. However, I was totally amazed on how some of the shields stayed after 14 days.

jamberry nails on day 14

You can see from the photo my nails’ growth. The shields started to lift off especially near the cuticle area. However, on the free edge, the shields sealed very well. I shouldn’t have peeled the shield as it strip off  a little layer of my nail.

In summary, Jamberry nail shields really can stay up to 2 weeks on some nails but not all kind of nails. It also depends on the application process.

So what to do if some nail shields peel off? Just apply nail polish to fill the empty spot or re-apply the shield. Applying nail shield shouldn’t take long so in a few minutes you’ll be ready to go.

shop jamberry nails

First Jamberry Launch Online Party

Do you ever want the professional salon looking nails with the fraction of the cost? Yes, you can have it now with JAMBERRY NAIL SHIELDS. For 15-minute application at home you can get the salon-look nails for up to 2 weeks on finger nails and 6 weeks on toes. No nail polish needed. Interesting? Read more.

Jamberry Nails are nail shields that are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to your nails so you can achieve designer salon look you will not find anywhere else. NO Polish/Fumes, Scratches, Smearing, Drying Time, Peeling or Chipping! They are made from non-toxic, non-allergenic materials. Nail shields can be worn on short or long nails and even on Acrylic, Gel and Shellac nails. Read more about Jamberry Nails.

At this Jamberry online party, you can have a chance to try Jamberry nail shields by ordering your nail shields online from the comfort of your home anytime.  Just go to http://esther.jamberrynails.net and make your selection. Please read the “How To Order” information below. Feel free to invite your friends to the event so they too can wear these beautiful nail shields.

There are over 200 nail designs to choose from such as, black and white, bridal, neutrals, flowers, one solid color and many more. A sheet of Jamberry nail shields is ONLY $15.00 and can do up to 2-3 sets of fingers or toes.

What’s more, there is a SPECIAL offer going on now: BUY 3 GET 1 FREE. But it’s for limited time only so hurry and take advantage of this offer now. Just go to http://esther.jamberrynails.net and place your order online anytime from the comfort of your home. Once you add the nail shields of your choice to the cart, it will ask you if your order is associated with a party. Please click YES and then you should see the name of my party, Esther’s Jamberry Launch Party.

The application instructions can be found here: http://esther.jamberrynails.net/home/ApplicationInstructions.aspx

This is my first Jamberry Nails online party from 5/18/2012 until 5/31/2012. If you have any question, feel free to leave me a comment. Thank you everyone for supporting me.

Jamberry Nails Shields Now Available

Not exactly at EsthersNC.com but on my Jamberry website. Yes, I am officially a Jamberry Nails Consultant. The reason the nail shields are not in Esther’s Nail Center store because they wouldn’t let us sell them with other products so I have to have a separate store exclusively selling Jamberry Nails products.

Jamberry Nails

Here’s my Jamberry store: esther.jamberrynails.net . Please check out my store because they have wonderful, wonderful nail designs.

What are Jamberry Nails?

Perhaps, many of you don’t know what Jamberry Nails are because they are quite new in the nail industry. Jamberry nail shields are like nail stickers to cover your nail. You don’t need any polish at all to use and the result is amazing and long-lasting if applied properly. Here’s what Jamberry said about them:

Jamberry Nail Shields are the newest way to accessorize your fingers and toes. Get your own unique,  professional nail design and say “Goodbye!” to nail polish. With today’s hottest celebrities already wearing unique nail designs, it’s quickly becoming a fashion “must have.”

This new nail treatment can be applied in just fifteen minutes at home. With over 150 styles available, these designer nail shields are made to last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes. Unlike traditional nail polish, they won’t chip and require no drying time. It’s so easy to achieve a professional, salon look at a fraction of  the cost.

The shields are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat activated to create a water tight bond to your nail. The shields are made in the USA, with no harsh chemicals and latex free.

jamberry nails flyer

One Jamberry nail shield sheet is designed to be used easily at salon or home for 2 or 3 sets. You only need cuticle pusher, scissors, hair dryer, nail file, nail buffer, alcohol or nail polish remover and nail wipes.

How to apply Jamberry Nails

I’ve posted a detail tutorial on how to apply Jamberry Nails with a lot of photos to make it easy and clear. Check out “Jamberry Nails Review and Tutorial

How to Remove

Use hair dryer to heat for 15 seconds and slowly peel from the corner of your nail.

For complete how to, check out the video tutorial below on how to apply Jamberry nails shields.


Sounds easy and fun? Check out Jamberry Nails today!