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SPRING SALE! 15% Off Daisy DND Duo and Gelish Polygel

Get 15% off Daisy DND and Gelish Polygel

SPRING SALE! Save 15% off Daisy DND Duo Set and Gelish Polygel products. No coupon necessary. Hurry, because the offer ends in less than 4 days.

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Finding Gelish Morgan Taylor Matching Colors

If you’re a fan of Gelish, sometimes you want to find a matching Morgan Taylor nail lacquer for your pedicure or other reasons. Gelish gel polish is often sold together in a set with a Morgan Taylor to make it easier for you. However, what if you have already the Gelish but not the lacquer?

To help you find the matching nail lacquer to your favorite Gelish color, we published this Gelish and Morgan Taylor Color Matching Chart.

Gelish Morgan Taylor Matching Chart

Year End Sale Is Going On Now!

Sale CND Shellac

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Gelish Dip Nail System

Introducing the new acrylic powder nail system from Nail Harmony, the Gelish Dip.

Gelish Dip nail system is an acrylic enhancement but uses less tools than regular acrylic application. It finishes like gel polish without the need to use lamp to dry the polish or acrylic brushes to sculpt the nails. The application and removal process is quick and easy. The application will last up to 14 days if applied properly.

Gelish Dip Kit

The basic kit includes:

All bottles are are color coded for easier use. The powder is packed inside either a small or big jar. There’s also Gelish French Dip jar to hold the french color powder for the dipping.

Gelish Dip Instructions

Before doing your first step, prep your natural nails as usual by cleaning the cuticles and nail beds.

  1. Gelish Dip Prep
    Apply one coat to prepped nail. Follow with Gelish Dip Base Coat.

  2. Gelish Dip Base Coat
    Apply Gelish Dip Base Coat to a nail and dip into Dip powder. Tap off excess powder. Move to the next nail. Repeat for desired coverage.

  3. Gelish Activator
    Apply activator to all nails. Now apply base coat, file and shape. Remove dust with a lint-free nail wipes. Reapply activator and dry wipe.

  4. Gelish Top Coat
    Apply two thin even Top coats to each nail and let air dry. In no time, your nails will be hard and shiny and beautiful.

Some nail techs prefer to pour the powder on top of the wet nail instead of dipping it. You can try either way.

To keep your brush soft, use Gelish Dip Brush Restorer. Just place the hardened brush in the bottle and soak until softened. Allow brush to dry.


To remove, simply wrap or soak the nails in acetone just like how you remove the gel polish application.


Gelish Dip Nail System is available at EsthersNC.com, your online source for gel polish and nail supplies. Free US standard shipping if  your order is $99 and more.

Lastly, check out the Gelish Dip demonstration video below.

See What’s New This Spring! Gelish Beauty And The Beast Collection

Gelish Beauty and The Beast Collection

Gelish Beauty and The Beast collection, inspired by the new Disney movie, features subtle colors for Spring 2017. There are 6 new shades plus a new Enhanced Patina Coat. It’s very interesting because this coat is a special coat that can change the color underneath it. You can put on any color to make it more rustic or frosty.  Take a look at the color chart below that show with and without the patina coat.

Gelish Patina Coat

Gelish Beauty and the Beast collection includes:

  • Be Our Guest (creamy medium pink)
  • The Last Petal (red pearl)
  • Gaston And On And On (baby blue)
  • Days in the Sun (yellow iridescent cream)
  • Plumette with Excitement (light pink cream)
  • Potts of Tea (alabaster iridescent)
  • Enhanced Patina Coat

Gelish The Last Petal

Gelish Be Our Guest Gelish Days In The Sun Gelish Gaston And On And On Gelish Plumette With Excitement Gelish Potts of Tea

Available also in Gelish Morgan Taylor Duo Set, where you get 1 Gelish with 1 Morgan Taylor in matching color. Anything interesting? I am sure I like the patina coat and will be playing it with other colors.

Check out EsthersNC.com and shop now.

Gelish The Great Ice-Scape Winter 2016 Collection

gelish the great icescape

Inspired from the beautiful art of figure skating, the collection offers six divine matching gel polish and lacquer shades including soft pinks, milky blues, and a copper shimmer to lift your spirits during the winter months.

Pick yourself up these six NEW shades:
– N-ice Girls Rule – Pale Pink Shimmer

– Figure 8’s & Heartbreaks – Dusty Mauve Crème

 Ice Queen Anyone? – Copper Shimmer

Gelish Ice Queen Anyone?
– Lace ‘Em Up – Midnight Blue Crème

– Flirt In A Skating Skirt – Steel Blue Crème

Gelish Flirt In A Skating Skirt
– Hey, Twirl-friend! – Warm Nude Crème

Gelish Hey, Twirl-friend!

Gelish The Great Ice-Scape collection is available at EsthersNC.com. SHOP NOW.

Gelish Wrapped in Glamour Holiday 2016 Collection


Gelish Sweetheart Squadron Fall 2016


Introducing Gelish Collection for Fall 2016, the Sweetheart Squadron Collection. The colors in this collection hearken back to the 1930’s and 40’s with beautiful, dusty colors like rose, green, purple and coral, while paying tribute to the women who were pioneers in the aviation industry.


The Sweetheart Squadron collection includes:

Size is 15ml/.5 fl oz each. Below are the swatches for this collection. Most of them are cream except Put A Wing On It, which is a shimmer red with golden tone.


Available in Duo Gelish-Morgan Taylor sets as well, Gelish Sweetheart Squadron is available at EsthersNC.com. SHOP NOW.