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CND Fall/Autumn 2014 Modern Folklore Collection

CND Fall/Autumn 2014 Modern FolkloreNew CND Fall/Autumn 2014 Vinylux and Shellac are now available at Esther’s Nail Center. The new collection called Modern Folklore, features 6 rich fall colors that make your nails stand out.

The new collection is all about rich, romantic shades, embellishment, decoration, modern and traditional mix.

Shellac and Vinylux Modern Folklore Collection Colors

The six rich shades are:

  • Locket Love  #128

  •  Fine Vermilion  #172

  • Rose Brocade #173

  • Crimson Sash  #174

  • Plum Paisley #175

  • Indigo Frock #176

Available in Shellac and Vinylux polish.

Also for adorning the polish, use the new CND Modern Folklore Additives set. The set contains 5 new limited edition, pigment effects.



Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit – CND, OPI Gel Color And Gelish

You’ve read a lot about gel manicure and ready to be a do-it-yourself gel manicurist. Or maybe you are looking for a gift for a gel polish fan. Whatever your reason is, this article will let you know about three Gel Nail Polish Starter/Intro Kits from the most popular brands in the market. They are CND, OPI GelColor and Gelish.

For starter, buying a kit will cost less than buying individually. The kit also has all (most) everything you need to do gel application. It helps you starting your gel manicure without getting panic because you miss something important in the middle of your manicure.


complete gelish starter kit

gelish complete starter kit

Like its name, this kit has the most complete set including a mini (pretty small) LED lamp.  The whole kit comes in a small box that weighs only 2 lbs.

It contains:

The Gelish MINI Pro 45 LED Curing Light

It is especially designed to efficiently cure Gelish Soak-off Gel color and products from the Gelish MINI System for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks. Its compact design is great for at-home personal use and cures 4 fingers at a time. Cures faster than regular uv lamp.

Features includes:

  • a preset forty-five second timer and three 2 watt LED bulbs that never need to be replaced.
  • The compact ergonomic design allows for both comfort and to save table space.
  • The MINI Pro 45 has consistent power and performance from the first second out of the box through to the 50,0000th hour.

International customer needs a plug converter.

Update May 2014: Just arrived! Gelish Pro Kit, a starter kit that’s similar to Gelish Complete Starter Kit, but with larger 5-45 LED Lamp that cures 5 fingers. Read Gelish Pro Kit for details.


CND Shellac Starter Trial Pack Kit

CND Shellac Gel Kit contains all you need to start right away. This is the only kit packed in a retail box, directly from CND. So the colors are pre-selected. Don’t mistake it with many Shellac kits that are custom selected by seller, which are many on Ebay.

The trial pack doesn’t include a Shellac UV lamp (Shellac is only cured under a UV Lamp). The lamp is sold separately.

There are 2 color options, Chic or Trendy. These have 4 different Shellac colors. The rest are the same.

What you get in the Shellac Chic kit:

What you get in the Shellac Trendy kit:

  • 1 x CND Shellac Base Coat .25 oz
  • 1 x CND Shellac Top Coat .25 oz
  • 1 x CND Shellac Electric Orange .25 oz
  • 1 x CND Shellac Tutti Frutti .25 oz
  • 1 x CND Shellac Blue Rapture .25 oz
  • 1 x CND Shellac Tango Passion .25 oz
  • 1 x CND Scrubfresh 2 oz
  • 1 x CND CuticleAway 6 oz
  • 1 x CND SolarOil .25 oz
  • 1 x Pure Isopropyl Alcohol 2 oz
  • 1 x CND Shellac Nourishing Remover 2 oz
  • 1 x Kanga File
  • 1 x Orangewood Stick
  • 1 x Brochure
  • 1 x CND Shellac Certification Flyer



OPI Gel Color Starter Kit has everything you need to start a gel manicure. It includes 6 iconic OPI gel nail polish colors, a uv base and uv top coat and accessories. It is the only kit from OPI that includes a Base and Top Coat while other kits have none.

OPI Gel Starter Kit

OPI Gel Starter Kit

OPI Gel Polish Kit

OPI Gel Polish Kit

The Icons GelColor Intro Kit includes:

  • 12.5 mL – 0.43 fl. oz OPI Gel Bubble Bath
  • 12.5 mL – 0.43 fl. oz OPI Gel OPI Red
  • 12.5 mL – 0.43 fl. oz OPI Gel Pirouette My Whistle
  • 12.5 mL – 0.43 fl. oz OPI Gel Vampsterdam
  • 12.5 mL – 0.43 fl. oz OPI Gel You Don’t Know Jacques!
  • 12.5 mL – 0.43 fl. oz OPI Gel Princesses Rule!
  • 12.5 mL – 0.43 fl. oz OPI Gel Top Coat
  • 12.5 mL – 0.43 fl. oz OPI Gel Base Coat
  • 15 mL – 0.5 fl. oz. BondAid
  • 120 mL – 4 fl. oz. Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
  • 120 mL – 4 fl. oz. N.A.S. 99
  • Blank Nail Palette With Chain
  • Reusable Cuticle Stick
  • GelColor By OPI Tabletop Instructions
  • GelColor By OPI Instructional Brouchure
  • GelColor By OPI Window Cling

OPI Gel Color also has 6-gel colors kit that  has no LED Lamp. Usually the kit has 6 seasonal gel colors but without Top and  Base coats.

All starter kits mentioned above are available at Esther’s Nail Center, your online source for gel manicure  offering brands such as CND Shellac, Daisy, Gelish, and OPI Gelcolor.

So which one would you choose among the three if you want to invest in doing gel manicure yourself? Please leave your comment below. I would be happy to read each one of them.

Does Shellac Damage Nails?

No! According to CND, when used as directed, Shellac doesn’t damage your nails.

This claim is something new that I noticed recently on CND Shellac’s newer retail box. You can see it on the left side of the box. This new addition is not available on the older box. I believe this claim is to answer the often asked question whether Shellac is safe for nail.

Shellac doesn't damage nails

Buffing the nail bed, drilling the shellac on the nails or soaking nails with acetone for removal are among the improper ways and can ruin the nails. You should stay away from these steps or nail tech who does that to your nails.

So what is the proper instruction? Visit CND.com to find it or you can click “ CND Shellac Application Removal”, downloaded right from CND website.

Any thought or comment about Shellac damaging nails? Please share your experience with Shellac below.

CND Shellac Nail Polish For Sale

Esther’s Nail Center is having a sale on CND Shellac colors, top and base coats. Starting today, get 10% off the regular price of $15.95 and $24.95 for big size.  This sale is valid for a limited time only so hurry and stock up now.

shellac nail polish for sale

The CND Shellac UV Lamp is $139.95. Regular price is $149.95. While the Shellac spinner rack is $24.95 (reg. $29.95).  Also on top of that, get free US standard shipping for order over than $99. That’s sweet!!

shellac nail polish display rack

A little about the rack, Shellac Nail Polish Display rack is a great spinner rack to feature all of your most frequently used CND Shellac colors! Compact enough to fit right on your nail station or desk. This two-sided, sleek, modern black acrylic display holds 24 colors, has spinning functionality and includes interchangeable headers – all of which make it a versatile display throughout the year

All CND products are available at www.Esthersnc.com, your online source for CND, Gelish, Daisy, Rainbow Honey and Adoree nail polish.

CND Shellac Summer 2013 is Here ….

Finally the new CND Shellac Summer 2013 is available at Esther’s Nail Center, though it’s not summer yet and the spring collection was not long ago released.

cnd shellac Summer 2013

The new CND Shellac Summer collection features 4 new bold colors, perfect for summer. It includes:

Lobster Roll – a vibrant orange red

CND shellac Lobster Roll

Pink Bikini – a hot magenta pink

CND shellac Pink bikini

Water Park – shimmery deep aqua blue

CND shellac Water Park

and…Grape Gum – purple

CND shellac Grape Gum


Swatches can be found on the internet already.  So do you like or hate this collection?

CND Shellac Summer 2013 collection and other colors are available at Esther’s Nail Center

New CND Shellac Spring 2013 Sweet Dreams Collection

Just arrived at www.EsthersNC.com, the new CND Shellac Sweet Dreams collection for Spring 2013.

new cnd shellac spring 2013 colors

The collection comes with five pastel colors:  Grapefruit Sparkle, Cake Pop, Lilac Longing, Azure Wish, and Limeade.  It also has a new additives set “Springtime Sparkle” with a free measuring spatula.

So what are your thoughts on the Spring 2013 colors? Which shade are you most excited to try?

CND Shellac is available at Esther’s Nail Center along with other gel nail polish and manicure pedicure supplies.

Can CND Shellac cured by LED light?

Nope.  According to a CND rep we contacted last December 2012 and a CND Education ambassador, they both stated that only CND Shellac UV Lamp or Brisa lamp can cure CND Shellac.  Here’s what she said:

Thank you for contacting CND.
No. The CND Brisa UV Lamp and the new CND UV Lamp are the only lamps currently on the market that emit the required levels of UV to fully cure all the components of the Shellac system. The use of other manufacturers’ UV or LED lamps will not guarantee the same results.

Customer Service Coordinator
Creative Nail Design

So have you successfully cured Shellac with LED or other UV lamp beside CND Shellac/Brisa lamp? Feel free to leave your comment.

Gelish and CND Shellac Starter Kit

Update 7/2/14——–

Nail Harmony has released some Gelish Nail Kits that are packed in a manufacturer’s retail box plus an LED lamp. CND also just released a new Shellac Nail Kit, known as CND Shellac Trial Pack, to replace its discontinued Intro Pack.


Approaching the gift-giving season, I think it’s best to let you know some gift ideas offered at Esther’s Nail Center. This time I’d like to talk about Gelish and CND Shellac Starter Kit.

These kits are wonderful gift ideas to people who love to have professional-salon-looks nails and like to do their own nails. The Gelish and CND Shellac Starter kit have everything needed to start doing manicure or pedicure at home, except for CND Shellac, you need to purchase the lamp separately.

Purchasing a starter kit will save you money and time compare to buying the products separately.

Gelish Pro Kit

gelish starter kit

What’s In It

It’s available at Esther’s Nail Center. The price is $159.99 at this time and includes free US standard shipping. Sometimes they offer sale and discount to lower the price.

Ikonna 36-watt Tunnel UV Lamp, which is included in the kit,  has 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer. If something goes wrong with the lamp within 1 year of purchase, simply contact the store to have it repaired.

Helpful link:


CND Shellac Starter Kit

buy cnd shellac starter kit

What’s In It

The kit is packed nicely inside a box. You will also need a CND Shellac UV Lamp, which is sold separately.

Helpful links:

I hope this would help you in choosing what gifts to give for your loved ones. Gelish and CND Shellac nail products are available at Esther’s Nail Center.