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Is Base Coat Nail Polish Necessary?

Do you know that a long-lasting nail polish application start with a base coat? Base coat application is a necessary step. It works as a founding layer to ensure the polish bond well to the nails.

Benefits of Base Coat

Here are some benefits of applying base coat before the nail polish:

  • Darker colored polish can stain your nail and cause nails to take on a yellow-ish color. While it is different for every person, this reaction can occur in a matter of days or within weeks of wearing the nail color. To prevent nails from yellowing, always use a base coat before polishing.
  • Wearing a base coat will help the polish to stick better on your nails. Thus, it will improve the durability of your nail polish application.
  • Adoree base coats have hardeners that makes them different from the others. The hardeners will help to strengthen you natural nails. The base coat is also non-yellowing.

Kinds of Base Coat

There are regular base coat and treatment base coat. Adoree regular base coat appears milky and a bit thick but will stay clear on the nail.
The others are Adoree nail strengthen base coat and Adoree nail thicken base coat. These are nail treatment base coats for weak and splitting nails, and improving the condition of nails.
Adoree Strengthen is a mild-type nutrient base coat to nourish and strengthen your nails and to promote nails growth. It will bond nail plate layers together and prevent peeling and splitting at nail edge point.
Adoree Thicken is a mild-type base coat to protect nails and enhances nail growth. This formula is to help weak, soft, easily chipped nails to grow firm, stronger, and thicker; thus, resist to the wear and prevent broken nails.
Do not overuse it and stop treatment after nails have grown steady and healthy. Then you may use regular Base Coat.