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We Ship (almost) Anything World Wide

NOW WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. Finally, we found a shipping service company to process our international orders so we can ship (almost) anything outside the US with USPS. Excepted items are Acetone, Alcohol, Gelish soak off remover and cleanser (liquid items in big bottle).

After a few problems reported with UPS, we change the shipping carrier to Canada, to go with USPS as well.

Hopefully, with this new policy we can serve you better. You may notice that the shipping fee, especially for order of nail polish less than $50, is higher than usual because we use USPS Priority Mail International instead of First Class to ship nail polish. Only nail stickers and nail art supplies are shipped with First Class.

Honey Day First Birthday Bash

Candy SubscriptionOur sister store, Honey Day, will celebrate its first Honey Moon on July :-)..and you all are invited.  Honey Day is a subscription service that sends pre-selected, unique candies and snacks from around the world to your home.

For this joyous moment, Honey Day will share 3 gifts to 3 lucky winners. Each gift is a shipment of unique and exotic candies that I am sure will delight your taste buds. See sample shipment below.

Candy subscription service

Do you want to win? Here’s the rule:

  1. Be a Honey Day follower through its Facebook page.
  2. Leave a comment below mentioning your name. Example: ” Hi my name is Jane Smith. I’m following Honey Day on Facebook.”
  3. All newly registered followers will be randomly selected. Party will be closed on 7/4/2012. Winners will be announced on 7/6/2012.
  4. Open to US and International residents

Hip, hip hooray, let the party begins. Share with your friends too!

First Jamberry Launch Online Party

Do you ever want the professional salon looking nails with the fraction of the cost? Yes, you can have it now with JAMBERRY NAIL SHIELDS. For 15-minute application at home you can get the salon-look nails for up to 2 weeks on finger nails and 6 weeks on toes. No nail polish needed. Interesting? Read more.

Jamberry Nails are nail shields that are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to your nails so you can achieve designer salon look you will not find anywhere else. NO Polish/Fumes, Scratches, Smearing, Drying Time, Peeling or Chipping! They are made from non-toxic, non-allergenic materials. Nail shields can be worn on short or long nails and even on Acrylic, Gel and Shellac nails. Read more about Jamberry Nails.

At this Jamberry online party, you can have a chance to try Jamberry nail shields by ordering your nail shields online from the comfort of your home anytime.  Just go to http://esther.jamberrynails.net and make your selection. Please read the “How To Order” information below. Feel free to invite your friends to the event so they too can wear these beautiful nail shields.

There are over 200 nail designs to choose from such as, black and white, bridal, neutrals, flowers, one solid color and many more. A sheet of Jamberry nail shields is ONLY $15.00 and can do up to 2-3 sets of fingers or toes.

What’s more, there is a SPECIAL offer going on now: BUY 3 GET 1 FREE. But it’s for limited time only so hurry and take advantage of this offer now. Just go to http://esther.jamberrynails.net and place your order online anytime from the comfort of your home. Once you add the nail shields of your choice to the cart, it will ask you if your order is associated with a party. Please click YES and then you should see the name of my party, Esther’s Jamberry Launch Party.

The application instructions can be found here: http://esther.jamberrynails.net/home/ApplicationInstructions.aspx

This is my first Jamberry Nails online party from 5/18/2012 until 5/31/2012. If you have any question, feel free to leave me a comment. Thank you everyone for supporting me.

NEW Gelish Candy Land Gel Nail Polish

This spring, cure your sugar cravings with Gelish Candy Land, a collection full of sweet temptation. Candy-coat your nails with a selection of 6 shades so sweet such as Sugar N Spice (hot pink), Sugar Daddy (blue), Orange Cream Dream (orange), You’re So Sweet You’re Giving Me A Toothache (pastel pink), You’re Such A Sweet Tart (light green), and Don’t Be Such a Sourpuss (lemon).  All colors are creme.

new gelish candy land nail polish

Gelish Candy Land Color Gel Nail Polish

Gelish Candy Land collection is now available at Esther’s Nail Center. Check it out.

New CND Shellac Colors Spring 2012

Esther’s Nail Center now has the new CND Shellac Nail Polish colors for spring 2012 in-store. As you may know, CND has just released 6 new colors for their Shellac line in Spring 2012. So it makes the total for Shellac nail polish colors to 36.

cnd shellac new spring colors 2012

Two colors, silver vip status and gold vip status, are sheer and great for layering. The rest are opaque. So which one is your favorite color?

I do hope they keep releasing new and more exciting colors in the future. Sometimes, I wonder why it takes a longer time for CND to release new shellac colors compare to other gel nail polishes. Anybody know?

CND Shellac nail polish and products are available at Esther’s Nail Center.

Introducing Ikonna and Orly LED Lights

If you have been waiting for the price of LED lights to fall off, don’t need to wait anymore. Now we have at EsthersNC.com the new IKONNA and ORLY LED light with more affordable prices.

Why would you consider using LED light vs UV Lamp? LED light cures faster so time and energy saving, no need to change bulbs and long lasting. It also can cure many brands of gel hybrid nail polish, not only one brand. No heat when you cure your hands.

Ikonna has been a well-known brand in UV Lamp and good thing they started to release their new LED light, called Ikonna LED High Performance UV Gel lamp.

Ikonna LED High Performance UV Gel lamp

Here are the description of Ikonna LED Light (based on the manufacturer website):

  • The new Ikonna LED High Performance UV Gel lamp is here.
  • Cure LED gel polish color faster, including difficult darker colors like purple and black.
  • The LED nail light can help you achieve or speed-up the gel/polish curing duration time.
  • Cure numerous LED or UV gel types, and is not limited to one particular brand.
  • Due to its high power output, light waves penetrate and cure the gel from the base layer.
  • LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours and do not diminish in power over its life span.
  • Sliding light visor pulls down to block the light from your/client’s eyes.
  • Features an incremental 10 second timer for precise cure times.
  • Operating time can be adjusted by pressing the timer button multiple times.
  • Each push adds 10 seconds. For example, press the 10 second button twice for 20 second duration.
  • When the time is up, the LED light will let you know with three beeps.
  • Cures gel polish in 10-30 seconds.
  • Space-saving compact design.
  • One year Ikonna warranty.
  • Available in black or white (we have black only).
  • This LED light cures first four finger and thumb separately.
  • Works with all LED cure PURE Gel polishes.

Works with the following UV cure Hybrid Gel polishes: Harmony Gelish, CND Shellac, NSI Pro Polish, Entity One Color Couture, Jessica Geleration

Does not work with: OPI Axium, Le Chat Perfect Match.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I love that this LED lamp has 1 year warranty, which is a plus.

Ok let’s move to Orly LED 480 FX Gel light. Orly is famous with their nail polish and now they have their gel polish and led lamp.

orly led 480 fx gel light

Orly 480 FX LED light for use with Orly Gel FX or other gel polish.

  • Orly unique LED lamp dries in half the time compared to UV lamps.
  • Energy efficient, high quality LED light cures in seconds.
  • Lifetime bulbs, never need changing.
  • 10. 20, 30 second timer.
  • Raised panel makes it easy to cure thumb nails.Remove panel to cure nails.
  • Lightweight and compact.Safe and easy to use.
  • For professional use.Voltage AC 110-240V.
  • Power consumption 13W. Includes adapter.
  • This LED light cures first four finger and thumb separately.

This LED lamp can work on 110-240V. If you travel outside the US, this is a plus. Not sure if they have warranty though.

Ikonna LED lamp is $199.95 and Orly LED Light is $249.95. Available at EsthersNC.com.

LED lamp is expensive at the front but in the long run, it’ll be a money-saver. Problem with UV Lamp is the bulbs diminish in power during their life time so it’s recommended to change every 6-9 months. One thing you need to know is that not all LED light are the same. They have difference wattage and power output depending on the bulbs and how the bulbs positioned. I heard problem from a customer and internet somehow, LED light 9 watt is not strong enough to cure in seconds. That means with 9 watt you need to lengthen the time to cure the gel polish properly which makes the curing time almost similar to UV Lamp. If this happens, then what the point buying LED light?



Daisy Gel Polish Blog Review

Recently Daisy gel nail polish got reviewed by Melissa, a blogger from Pink Pistachio, one of my  favorite blog. She chose Daisy Punk Rock, a deep dark red color.  I am happy to hear that Daisy lasts as long as Gelish does. This is an answer to those who question the durability of our newest line of nail polish, Daisy Gel.

Here’s what she said:

“I’ve always used Gelish products but was recently introduced to Daisy Gel courtesy of Esther’s Nail Center. Daisy Gel can be used with Gelish base & top coats and it’s more affordable. After trying it, I have to admit it works exactly the same as Gelish colors and stays on just as long.”

Daisy Punk Rock Polish #1125

Keep on reading her post about Daisy and gel polish photo tutorial, which is informative and easy to read with lotsa photos. Daisy and Gelish Gel Nail Polish available at Esther’s Nail Center.

New Daisy Gel Nail Polish Colors 2012

Just recently, Daisy gel polish released over 30 new colors. These are beautiful colors not only for winter but geared toward any season from light pinks, dark blues and purples, neons to glitters.

Daisy gel polish Clear Pink #1133 is a sheer pink that was made for french manicure natural pink. Check out the color swatches below.

new daisy polish colors 2012 set 2

new daisy gel polish colors set 3

new daisy gel polish colors set 4

The new colors are number 1133 to 1176.  So in total,  Daisy now has 76 colors. Daisy nail polish is $11.99 and available at EsthersNC.com

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