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Gelish getColor-Fall Fall 2014 Color Collection

gelish getcolor-fall 2014 collection

BREA, Calif. – (April 2014) – When you think of Fall, what images come to mind? Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish sees the brilliant colors of nature: changing leaves, crisp red apples, warm mulled cider and colorful sunsets. Just in time to see the seasons change, Gelish offers Get Color-Fall Fall 2014 Color Collection, a warm autumnal palette to get you excited for all that Fall has to offer.

“Rich colors for the Fall season are beloved by all,” remarked Gelish Founder & CEO Danny Haile. “Our Fall 2014 collection takes the classic Fall hues up a notch with wearable glitters, stirring neutrals and bold takes on traditional shades.”

If it’s time for an autumn escape, take a page from Gelish’s color almanac and get polished with a new collection of colors.

gelish fall 2014 colors collection

The collection features six brand new, fall-inspired shares – each formulated and named to make you crave cooler weather and warm sweaters:

  1.  Clean Slate: Blue/grey crème
  2.  Rake In The Green: Grey/green crème
  3.  Berry Buttoned Up: Purple pearl
  4.  Hello, Merlot!: Berry crème
  5.  Whose Cider Are You On?: Brown pearl
  6.  Do I Look Buff?: Nude crème

The behind-the-scenes video for the Get Color-Fall Collection is expected to release August 2014 on YouTube and Gelish.com

The Get Color-Fall Collection will be on-shelf August 2014 and will be available as a 6 piece display, 12 piece display and as open stock.

Source: Gelish Official Press Release

Gelish Fall 2014 will be available at Esther’s Nail Center, your online source for at-home gel nail supplies.

Is Esther’s Nail Center a Safe Site?

Beside customer service, security is our top priority as well. We are happy to let you know that Esthersnc.com website, which uses Bigcommerce third party shopping cart system, is not affected by Heartbleed attack. Check this post from Bigcommerce.

Bigcommerce also stated that it has no evidence that sensitive information was exposed.

So how do you know if a website is a safe site? The best way is to probably test a website with a tester tool such as Qualys SSL Tester or http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/

Top 10 Gel Nail Polish Brands

Since the renaissance of gel soak off/hybrid nail polish a few years ago, lots and lots of gel nail polish brands are flooding the market  We used to be able to count just by hand. But now we lost count already on how many brands of gel polish are there.

So in effort to help the new/old gel polish fans on choosing the top ones,  we are making this poll to know which brands get into the list of the top 10.

Therefore, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please fill out the poll below with all gel nail polish brands you are aware of.  You can add your answers as well. Please share with your friends as well.

By end of this year, we’ll post the result in our blog and Facebook.  Thank you in advance for your participation!! Comment below if you have any comment …

Gel Polish Question and Answers

What, why and how? Those are the questions we still get until now about soak off gel nail polish application and removal.

Our fellow blogger, Andrea from Chickettes.com has written a post titled “SOG Gel Polish FAQ’s“. It explains some common questions with helpful information, such as how to prevent shrinkage, wrinkle problem, to nail care. She is an avid user of gel nail polish and frequently uses Gelish and Ink gel polish.

So check out her cool article here!

Our Plastic Nightmare

I was asked to pass this fantastic infographic about ‘Our Plastic Nightmare’  by Allison Morris. Hopefully, it will enlighten us all. Feel free to share as long as you include the attribution.

In today’s consumer world, plastic is everywhere—from plentiful stores of bottled water to disposable plasticware to the containers that hold our store-bought food.

It seems like you can’t go out shopping without running into a good deal of plastic. And while this material is strong, reliable, and undoubtedly useful, we also may have way too much of the stuff that isn’t being reused.

Recycling plastic uses much less energy than creating new plastic, and it conserves our valuable resources. Despite this, however, only about a third of our material that could be recycled actually is.

Among younger generations, the problem of our over consumption of plastic has been prevalent for as long as some can remember, and yet little has changed or progressed in alleviating the problem.

Statistically, people in the Millennial generation (today’s high schoolers, college students, and young adults) are much less likely to properly recycle plastic and other materials than those in older generations.

If you’re of student or Millennial age, take a look at the following infographic—the reality is that younger generations need to start getting serious about recycling, or the future will be robbed of some very valuable resources.

Please Include Attribution to OnlineEducation.net With This Graphic Plastic Infographic

Forwarding Service For Any Nail Product Worldwide

A customer asked if she could get certain Lynnderella polish colors and we said yes. So our Forwarding Service was born.

Since then many international customers have tried this new service successfully to buy any nail products that we didn’t have in the store and ship virtually to any address in the world.

Forwarding Service For Any Nail Products

This service is great especially for international customers who want certain US nail products (or other products) we don’t have at Esther’s Nail Center or if the seller can’t ship outside the US.

How To Use the Service

Using the service is very easy. Here’s how:

  1. Click the forwarding service on the top menu and fill out the form with your contact info and the items you’d like us to purchase on your behalf. If you have the links, feel free to include them.
  2. After receiving all this information we’ll contact you with the availability and total price. The price will include the markup.
  3. Once you agree, we’ll send a paypal invoice via email. In this email, you can click a link to pay with a paypal account or credit card.
  4. After receiving the payment, we’ll purchase the products and ship them to your destination.

Processing time can take up to 7 business days, depending on how soon we get the products. So keep it in mind when placing your order.

We ship via USPS. Shipping fee will be included in the invoice.

If you are interested or have any question, feel free to contact us.

New EsthersNC.com Website Launched

welcome to Esther's Nail Center new website 2012

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Esther’s Nail Center new website at www.esthersnc.com. The new store has many new features such as showing related items, online chat, wishlist, simplified menus, and much, much more.

Also, you can shop as a guest or create a new account. Please note that the old account info from the old website was not transferred to the new website. So, if you have created a new account in the past, you need to create a new one.

Feel free to browse it and shop. Do send us your feedback to improve it. We hope you’ll like it as we do.

NEW CND Shellac Fall 2012 Colors

Just arrived at EsthersNC.com, the new CND Shellac for fall 2012! All 6 new polishes are opaque and most have rich dark colors, which is suitable for Fall.

new CND Shellac Fall 2012 Colors

The shades are (from left to right): Faux Fur, Midnight Swim, Overtly Onyx, Pretty Poison, Sugared Spice and Vexed Violette.

new cnd shellac fall colors 2012

Solessence.com has the best swatches so far; so, check it out! CND Shellac colors, base and top are available at EsthersNC.com, you online source for CND Shellac, Gelish and Daisy gel polish.

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