Remodeling Your Spare Room Into the Ultimate Glam Room



When it comes to renovating your home, a spare bedroom can be converted into virtually anything: a home gym or office, craft room, or even a playroom. If your love for fashion and style wins out over these other luxuries, however, we at Home Improvement Leads have the perfect idea. Why not turn your spare room into the ultimate glam room? Here are just a few of our top glam room remodel necessities to help you get started.

Plenty of storage

One of the most important features of an incredible glam room is functional storage. Built-in units, dressing tables, and storage tubs and boxes will give all of your beauty and fashion items a home of their own. If you want to go above and beyond with your storage, a kitchen island style unit or custom made bookcase style shoe display will give your glam room an extra stylish and professional look.

Get organized

After you’ve filled your glam room with all the necessary furniture and storage, it’s important to organize your belongings. While the specifics of your glam room organization are up to you, we recommend clearly designated areas in your closet for dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Make use of walls and the backs of closet doors, as well as clothes racks and drawers for clothes and accessories. If you’re feeling extra organized, handwritten or printed labels will add further professionalism to your glam room while keeping everything neat and tidy.


Makeup and Nail Table

As far as makeup and nail care are concerned, a dressing table or shelf devoted to these products will help keep all your brushes, bottles, and bronzes tidied away whenever they’re not in use. We love professional looking nail bars with neatly displayed polishes and makeup tables stocked with everything you might need during a glam session. However, we also love it when fashion fiends make creative makeup and nail care storage decisions, such as clear tiered stationery boxes, glass topped desks with storage under the tops, and even cake stands as polish holders.


Great lighting

Before you reveal your spare-room-to-glam-room transformation to your friends, make sure your lighting is up to scratch. Recessed can lights and ceiling spotlights will make your dressing area ultra bright, while soft, warmer lights will give your space a calming and relaxed feel. Whatever look you hope to achieve with your glam room, match it with your lighting. Finally, you’ll want to invest in dressing room style mirror lights—we promise they’ll make you feel like a movie star!

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