Eat Your Peanuts!

Well, it’s a joke :). But literally, you can eat our biodegradable peanuts foam you get in the boxes we ship to you.

According to,

Biodegradable packing peanuts are edible and digestible. However, they have no nutritional value and are not manufactured under food-safe conditions. The manufacturers of the peanuts generally advise against eating them. They are made out of starches derived from various grains, chiefly corn.

We want to take a good care of our earth. One way we do that is by using used packaging materials and used/biodegradable loose fill in the boxes we ship to you. This packing peanuts are biodegradable. Put them in water, they will dissolve. Put them in a compost bin or bury them in soil. The insects and rats will eat them.

It’s just one way we strive to make your shopping experience the best it can. To see a cool science experience with this loose peanuts, check out this video.



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