How To Make Gel Nail Polish Easily with Gelibility

After amassing over 150 expensive gel polish colors from numerous manufacturers, nail technician Brandi Hensley found her clients still asking for more.  “What new gel colors do you have?”, “Can you match my favorite nail polish color in gel?”. These were just a few of the requests Brandi would hear daily.  Looking at the hundreds of regular nail polish she already owned, Brandi thought “if only there was a way I could to turn all those nail polish colors into gel polish, I would have every gel color imaginable”.

gelibility fix it stick it set

From there was born the idea of making custom gel polish. Brandi developed Gelibility Gel Polish to make her own custom gel polish from regular nail polish, thus providing unlimited colors for her clients while saving money at the same time. Compared to buying more gel polishes, top and base coats, creating custom gel polish would save hundreds of dollars.

So, do you want to make your own gel nail polish? With Gelibility you can do it easily.

What You Need


How To Make & Apply

  • Apply a thin coat of Gelibility Stick It! bonder to clean, dry nails. Cure in a UV, LED or CCFL light for recommended time.


  • Using alcohol on a lint-free wipe, cleanse the tacky layer from the nails.

Remove tacky layer with alcohol

  • Put equal amounts of Gelibility Fix It! gel and your regular nail polish on a palette or in a small dish. Wipe off nail polish brush.  (Some nail polish is thinner than Gelibility. It’s not always an accurate 50/50 ratio if you can measure 1 drop to 1 drop. When placing the drops onto the palette, put them next to each other so you can be certain you are mixing the proper amount of polish with your gelibility. If too little polish is used, the color may be a bit lighter than expected).

put equal amount gelibility and regular polish together

  • Using the regular nail polish brush, mix the GeLibility Fix It! and the nail polish well. Caution: Do not use Gelibility Fix It brush to mix or apply so your Fix It stays perfectly clear.

mix gelibility and regular nail polish

  • Again, using the brush from regular nail polish, apply a thin coat of your mixture to the nails.


  • Cure in a UV, LED or CCFL lamp. Apply a second coat of the mixture and cure again. Do not remove the tacky layer after curing.


  • Apply a thin coat of GELibility Fix It! as is to seal and shine. Cure.


  • Remove the tacky layer with alcohol and a lint-free wipe. Nails be shiny, strong, chip free and completely dry.


Curing time: 60 seconds LED, 120 seconds UV. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Gelibility Stick It! is a universal gel polish base coat/bonder. It is acid free and can be used with other brands of gel polish. However, Gelibility Fix It! is comprised with a unique formula, made to work specifically with Gelibility Stick It! bonder. Results cannot be guaranteed if a different brand base/bonder is used.

Gelibility’s unique dual-purpose formula has been thoroughly tested with every possible traditional nail polish. It works incredibly well. Gelibility manicure is beautiful, strong, shiny, long lasting, remarkably durable and dries immediately with zero drying time.

Gelibility Stick It and Fix It are sold at Esther’s Nail Center as a set or per bottle. So, what do you think about this brilliant product? Have you tried it out?


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