Frequently Asked Questions about CND Vinylux

Adapted from Vinylux Consumer FAQ from CND.

faq cnd vinylux nail polish

Q. What are the key steps to follow in order to maximize week long wear?

A. Use VINYLUX as a System; start with P.E.P. followed by VINYLUX Color and always use VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat.

Q. Can you use a CND base coat for extra adhesion?

A. No, a base coat will negate the performance of VINYLUX because the adhesives are in the color coat.

Q. What makes VINYLUX bond to the nail without a base coat?

A. VINYLUX has adhesion promoters in the color coat making the color self-adhering without a base coat.

Q. Can you use a different CND top coat?

A. No, the VINYLUX Top Coat has our innovative Pro-light technology with photo initiators and becomes more
durable with exposure to natural light.

Q. Can you use VINYLUX Top Coat with other enamel brands? Will it work as well?

A. It can be used with other enamel brands, but cannot guarantee week long wear.
The system yields the ultimate performance.

Q. Can you use CND SolarSpeed Spray with VINYLUX?

A. Yes.

Q. How do you remove VINYLUX? (Nail polish remover, pure acetone or CND Shellac Nourishing Remover?)

A. VINYLUX is best removed with CND Shellac Nourishing Remover or Acetone.

Q. Does using SolarOil on a daily basis affect VINYLUX wearability?

A. SolarOil will enhance wearability because it improves the health of the nail.

Q. Will all new colors and collections from VINYLUX always be matched with Shellac colors?
A. VINYLUX will launch with more colors than Shellac and thus have many of its own colors. However, Shellac and VINYLUX will launch the same seasonal collection colors.

Q. Can you guarantee week long wear?

A. Nail conditions vary which will affect product performance. Healthy nails without delamination or drying issues perform for one week.

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