Rainbow Honey Nail Polish

Esther’s Nail Center is always in the look for new products for our customers. One product that’s hot right now is frankened or more popular known as Indie nail polish. So we’ll be offering for sale some Indie brands at EsthersNC.com very soon. We’ll be featuring one brand per post with swatches from all over the world wide web.

So, let’s start with Rainbow Honey nail lacquer.

Rainbow Honey

Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Nail Polish

Rainbow Honey is one of the Indie nail polishes that is growing in popularity.  This is quoted from their website:

Rainbow Honey was born out of a love for color and a penchant for creativity. To create Rainbow Honey, Dee, its founder and Chief Designer, brought together her background in the sciences and her experience in the fashion industry, resulting in unique, colorful and well-formulated products. Always a fan of the offbeat, Dee has drawn her inspirations from 1990’s video games, Japanese festivals, and kids’ TV shows. The Rainbow Honey brand has already received rave reviews from customers all over the U.S. as well as Canada, Australia, Singapore, U.K., Denmark, and continues to reach new audiences every day.

All of our unique and custom-designed products are hand-crafted and hand-packaged in the United States of America; we never test our products on animals and they are all always free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (the “big 3”).

rainbow honey nail polish boxes

Rainbow Honey Packaging

Why Rainbow Honey?

We love it’s professional design, colors, packaging and the price is just right. Right now, they have 3 collections available: Sakura Matsuri, Equestria, and Chrono Cross (the newest). EsthersNC.com have all collections in-store.

Also Rainbow Honey brand has already received great reviews from customers and bloggers. I’m sure you’ll love them too. So make sure to visit EsthersNC.com and check them out.


equestria collection rainbow honey nail polish

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection Nail Poilsh


Rainbow Honey Swatches

Let me end this post with a couple of swatches of Rainbow Honey. Then you’ll see what I am talking about..

1. 20% Cooler (Equestria Collection)

20percent cooler rainbow honey

Rainbow Honey 20% Cooler

2.  Pinkie Promise (Equestria Collection)

pinkie promise rainbow honey

Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise

3. Sakura Matsuri Namesake

rainbow honey sakura matsuri

Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Namesake

4. Mare of The Moon

rainbow honey mare of the moon

Rainbow Honey Mare Of The Moon

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish is available at EsthersNC.com for $10 each for 15ml bottle.

So do you like this polish and have you tried it yet? Please share in the comment below.


#1 Tina Trang Tran on 10.13.12 at 11:32 pm

Love everything about Rainbow Honey! On my wish list for sure!

#2 Thresa on 10.16.12 at 9:39 pm

Agree with you. The colors and packaging are great. Really recommend it.

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