Gel Nail Polish Thinner

It’s not uncommon that any gel polish will get thicker over time.  Doing the steps in this article “How To Care For Your Gel Nail Polish ” will help to lengthen the age of your gel polish.

However, if you still notice that your gel polish is too thick to apply smoothly, we recommend to use a gel polish thinner, such as Gelish Thinner by LaRosa Cosmetics or Gelos Gel Thinner by LeChat. It’s a must product for a DIYer Gel Polish users.

Gel Polish Thinner

The Gelish Thinner can be used for any gel polish. Its size is 30ml (1 oz). And it comes with a glass dropper.

Gelos Gel Thinner

Gelos Gel Thinner by Lechat

How To

Use the thinner with the dropper.

  • Shake your polish.
  • Drop a little thinner into the bottle.
  • Shake again.
  • Repeat if necessary (if you feel the polish is still too thick). You can compare its thickness with a newer polish, to know if you should more or not.

We’ve used it for a while and from our experience the thinner works better if the gel polish has started to get thick but not in a hard solid state.

Gelos Gel Thinner is available at your online source for Gelish, Daisy and CND Shellac gel polish. It’s on sale now for $9.99


#1 doithay29 on 07.09.13 at 12:07 pm

if you put too much thinner will it easy to pill,or does it last for two weeks

#2 Casually_Observant on 11.06.13 at 7:45 pm

I just use a few drops of acetone and it works great as a thinner. It doesn’t harm the strength or longevity of the polish at all.

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