Top 10 Summer Nail Polish Colors from Daisy Gel

With summer around the corner, pretty and bright colors make into the list of  Top 10 Summer Nail Polish Colors chosen by our customers. See what color is your favorite.

I chose Daisy Gel Nail Polish to make this list because of its wide variety of bright colors that are great for summer. People seem to like it better than Gelish or CND Shellac.

Top 10 Daisy Gel Nail Polish Colors for Summer

10. Aqua Crystal Glitter #1213 (Blue)

daisy gel polish aqua crystal 1213 summer color

Aqua Crystal #1212 is a pretty pastel glitter blue, perfect for summer.  This is the only glitter that get into the list. Layer onto any polish to transform ordinary into magical color.


9. Now Dat’s Pink #1153 (Pink)

Summer nail polish hot pink color Daisy #1153

Who doesn’t love those pretty toes with hot pink color, such as Daisy Now Dat’s Pink #1153? This is one of the hot pinks in the list.


8. Moonlite Mauve #1146 (Purple)

light purple for summer nail color

Among some bright colors,  light nail polish colors, such as Moonlite Mauve #1146, are favorites for summer.  The color is clean and subtle, perfect if you want to keep nails simple.


7. Cool Head Blue #1159 (Blue)

daisy gel nail polish cool head blue 1159

This beautiful blue reminds me of the nice blue sky color in summer, the one usually exist only in a very nice photo taken by a professional photographer. If you love blue, you’ll love Daisy Cool Head Blue #1159

6. Banana Yellow #1105 (Yellow)

Yellow nail polish color for summer

Bright and cheerful, Banana Yellow #1105 is one of the popular nail polish colors for summer. I like the color, which is not too light nor dark. Warning: This color will make people go banana.

5. Pink Cutie #1109 (Pink)

One of Summer nail polish colors daisy gel nail polish pink cutie 1109

Pink is always a favorite color and this Pink Cutie #1109  is no different.

4. Turquoise #1108 (Turquoise)

Daisy turquoise 1108 nail polish colors for summer

Another blue in the list: Turquoise #1108.

3. Hot Hot Holly #1152 (Pink)

daisy gel nail polish hot hot pink 1152

A secret for head-turning toes: go hot with Hot Hot Holly #1152 on flip-flop.

2. Paparazzi  Flash #1154 (Coral)

Number 2 popular summer nail polish colors - paparazzi flash 1154

If you don’t love pink, then maybe Coral is your choice. This Paparazzi Flash #1154 by Daisy Gel Nail Polish is the number 2 most popular summer nail polish colors.


1. Butter Cup #1150 (Purple)

Popular Summer nail polish colors

So which color is the most popular? Yes, purple Butter Cup #1150. People love to sport purple for parties, prom, and for no reason other than just because it’s gorgeous.

So what are your favorite summer nail polish colors? Feel free to share in the comments.


#1 Latricia on 07.08.16 at 6:59 pm

I need find where can I go to buy moonlite mauve #1146
What store carry the item.

#2 admin on 08.02.16 at 6:02 pm

Hi, the old Daisy gel polish has been discontinued. You can order the same color with the new Daisy Duo gel polish, with better formula. Check out the swatches here to see which colors you want:

#3 carol on 07.08.17 at 10:14 am

Hi can you tell me what colour I need to buy in the new daisy colour I just love the old colour pink daisy its called DGL 1110 WHAT IS THE NEW COLOUR FOR THAT COLOUR THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

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