Is UV Lamp safe?

In this post I am trying to put together all articles from other sources regarding the safety of doing gel manicures with uv lamp. Will be updated whenever needed.

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#1 Rebecca Grace on 03.05.12 at 5:11 pm

I have often wondered about those UV lamps — after all, despite makeup, Botox and the best cosmetics, “old lady hands” are still a dead giveaway of a woman’s age.  Oh yeah, and skin cancer is bad, too…  😉

So my question is, do the new LED lights elimnate the UV risks, or are there other risks associated with the LED?  Do the LED lights work just as well as the UV lights? 

#2 admin on 03.07.12 at 11:45 pm

To answer your question, I put a link below about LED vs UV Lamp from Nails Magazine. LED and UV Lamp emits UV light with LED has shorter curing times.

And from a scientific study said UV lamps do not cause cancer (also can be read from the link).

#3 Thresa on 03.22.12 at 11:02 pm

Hi, I think LED light also emits the same UV Light though in different way and in shorter time. From the expert (read the article), they stated that UV Lamps are safe.  I assume the same for LED light.

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