Simple Nail Art Design

When I see someone toenails, neatly polished with those pretty white flowers painted on top, plus a sparkling rhinestone in the middle to embellish the nail, I wish I would have the same beauty on my nails. Especially now, everywhere I go, I would see those flowers. Have you ever have the same feeling? Well people, it’s time now to unleash our creativity. I believe everyone would be able to do it since painting simple nail art design is quite easy. It takes patience though.

I want to show you what I found on the internet about the simple nail art techniques. This is a great resource for beginner to learn the tools and how to paint simple designs.

Nail Art Tools

  • If you want to paint Dot,  use Dotting tool, Toothpick, Adoree Nail Art, Regular Nail Polish (for big dots)
    Dotting tool usually has 2 different-size head. Just dip in your nail polish color and dab on your nails.
  • If you want to paint Line, Swirl, use Adoree Nail Art, Nail Art Striper Brush
    The striper brush is used to create intricate long vertical or horizonal lines. The width of the desired line is determined by the amount of paint applied to the bristle.
  • If you want to paint Petal, Teardrop, Comma, use Adoree Nail Art, Nail Art Flat Brush.
    Put pressure on the top of the flat brush and stroke lightly down (see video).
  • If you want to paint Marble, use Dotting tool, Marbleizer, Toothpick.
    Paint 2 different colors side by side. Then stir the colors in any way you like.

Here’s a video to show how to paint the basic strokes,  ‘Nail Art Basic Stroke

Nail Art Polish vs. Nail Art Striper Brush

Painting nail design often use more than one colors at a time. Using striper brush can be less costly because by just having one brush and your already-available nail polishes, you can paint many colors. But you need to clean the brush every time you want to switch colors. Therefore, it’s suggested to prepare more than 1 brushes at a time, so that it’s easier to switch colors. You may clean the brush with regular nail polish remover or brush cleaner solution. We offer the brush cleaner holder where you can pour in the solution and have the brushes soaked in the Nail Art Tool section.

Using Nail Art Polish also eliminates this cleaning steps between and after application, saving you extra time. It’s up to you to decide.

Rhinestones and Stickers

If painting is a bit tough for you, try nail sticker and rhinestones. Use rhinestones to embellish a nail art design. Or use only rhinestones to create a flashing design. For example, arranging teardrops to make a flower or round stones for a big heart. Use rhinestones picker to work with the stones. And always apply top coat on top of your design.

Let’s make one nail art design

After knowing some basic strokes. Let’s paint a simple design. The best way is to watch how people do it. Watch this great video for painting a flower, ‘Teach yourself ArtNails II’

Here are some links for other great resources:

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