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Six Summer Colors from CND Rhythm & Heat Collection

CND Shellac Rhythm and Heat Collection

Tropical escape is closer than you think with the newest collection from CND Shellac Rhythm & Heat Collection for summer 2017.

The new collection is inspired by the lush, humid climates, and the colorful nails, Rhythm & Heat evokes a tropical and jungle mood. The six new shades will transform your nails into tropical, fresh nails. Perfect for a beach getaway or a summer soiree!

This collection is available in 6 new tropical colors such as:

  • Mambo Beat
  • Sugar Cane
  • Palm Deco
  • Shimmering Shores (Glitter)
  • Ripe Guava
  • Shells In The Sand

CND Shellac Ripe Guava


CND Shellac Palm Deco

CND Shellac Sugar Cane

Shells In The Sand

CND Shellac Shimmering Shores

CND Shellac Mambo Beat

CND Shellac Rhythm and Heat collection is available at Esthersnc.com. Or,  just click the “Buy Now” button below to shop right away.

CND Shellac Color Chart

These are the CND Shellac Color Chart updated last 12/5/2016. The chart doesn’t include limited edition or discontinued colors. It includes all collections up to the Craft Culture collection.







CND Shellac Starstruck Holiday 2016 Collection


CND Starstruck collection is released for winter and holiday season. As you can see from the photos, these are all gorgeous, daring collection we’ve ever seen. Let’s get bold with glittering garnet red, dark diamonds to more subtle blushing topaz pink.


CND Shellac Starstruck Collection includes these holiday shades:

CND Shellac Starstruck Holiday 2016 Collection is available at EsthersNC.com. SHOP NOW.

CND Shellac Craft Culture Fall 2016 Collection

Meet Fall 2016 CND Craft Culture Collection. This collection features a palette of soft yet bright shades that teases at the imagination and makes this collection equal parts coy, confident, and playful. This collection is available in Shellac and Vinylux.

CND Shellac Craft culture collection includes six bright stunning colors such as:

This collection of hues are also available as eight stunning Vinylux colors.

Only 2 from 8 total colors that are not available in Shellac version.

All of these fall shades are available at esthersnc.com, your online source for your gel manicure pedicure. And now, which one is your favorite color?

CND Shellac is on SALE!

CNd Shellac Sale

CND Shellac Sale is going on right now. Save 10% off CND Shellac base, top and color coats. Valid until 9/11/2016. No coupon needed. Discount will be shown in the shopping cart. SHOP NOW.

CND Shellac Summer 2016 FLIRTATION Collection

CND Flirtation Collection

Meet Summer 2016 CND Flirtation Collection. There’s an electricity of unspoken attraction in the air for Summer 2016. Evoke a subtle, sensual femininity with the new Flirtation Collection from CND. A palette of soft yet bright shades teases at the imagination and makes this collection equal parts coy, confident, and playful.

CND SHELLAC® Flirtation collection includes six bright stunning colors such as:

Meanwhile, Vinylux Flirtation collection has 8 bright colors:

These colors are beautiful. Checkout the swatch below.

CND Vinlux Flirtation Collection

Source: www.thehappysloths.com

Elegant Graffiti with CND Shellac Art Vandal Spring 2016 Collection

CND presents a new Spring 2016 collection of flawless wear gel polishes. The new Art Vandal Collection offers six fun yet luxurious shades. The colors are absolutely shining, intense and cheerful – just what you need for the spring. The collection is already available at esthersnc.com.

CND Shellac Art Vandal


Art Vandal Collection

Art Basil

1. Art Basil – Follow your creative impulse with CND Shellac Art Basil. This bluish, shimmer green shade is definitely eye-catching and goes well with many styles of fashion.

Shellac Digit-teal

2. Digi-Teal – Bright splashes of CND Shellac Digi-teal is perfect to set you on an artistic way. This bright neon blue is perfect for nail art, stamping or by itself.

Magenta mischief

3. Magenta Mischief – Original, saucy, expressive. CND Shellac Magenta Mischief is purplish shimmer pink. It’s like lilac seen through the mist, Magenta Mischief is mysterious and romantic for this season.

Future Fuchsia

4. Future Fuchsia – A brilliant burst of CND Shellac Future Fuchsia.  A “Tasty” pink berry shade, which is gonna be very popular.

Shellac Untitled Bronze

5. Untitled Bronze – Let’s be creative with CND Shellac Untitled Bronze.  The noble metal spring shade is probably originally obtained from fall-winter color because who don’t love shiny and glittering stuff?

Shellac Mauve Maverick

6. Mauve Maverick – Finally, the Sweet tender of CND Shellac Mauve Maverick really show off the elegant manicure Spring with subtle tone of rose-y peach. Love it.

This collection is available now at www.EsthersNC.com.  So which color is your favorite? Do you like this collection or not? Feel free to comment below.

CND Aurora Holiday Collection Winter 2015


The winter is coming! CND has a stunning gift for all its fans by presenting a completely new and absolute winter collection of Aurora, which is already available in our store.

The new collection is called CND Aurora Holiday Collection. Perfect for all lovers of long-lasting Shellac coat to discover the amazing beauty of the Arctic tundra. The collection includes 4 new colors:

CND Shellac AuroraVinylux Aurora Collection

  • Nordic Lights – rich purple hue with multicolored sequins.
  • Winter Glow – soft and cool shade of pink.
  • Glacial Mist – shimmer turquoise with sequins.
  • Tundra – quiet frosted pink shade.

I love all shades, especially Nordic Lights. It’s like the Milky Way you can see at night, dotted with hundreds of twinkling stars. The colors radiate the icy breath of the tundra, with its hoarfrost and almost unseen warmth through frosty tone. It’s a real Winter fairy-tale.

Get your Arctic Tundra nails with Shellac Aurora and Vinylux Aurora this season at Esther’s Nail Center, your online source for CND products. We’d love to make your life shiny and bright!

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