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Smile Nail Art Design

Create smiles, not just on your nails but on faces with these smiley nail art designs. Great for spring and summer, these are cute and need some creative works. But they are worth to try.

These nail art design pictures are from Nail Venus spring 2010, a japanese nail magazine. Photos downloaded from blog “I love Nail Polish.”

Adoree Oriental Coral

Adorée Nail Lacquer Oriental Coral #233 is actually orange, not coral at all. It’s exactly the same as Riding Hood (multi-sized duo-chrome glitter suspended in transparent jelly colored polish) but there is more pigmentation in the polish. Due to the higher pigmentation, Oriental Coral can be worn alone or layered. This swatch is only 2 coats. Oriental Coral also seems to have less of the duo-chrome quality that Riding Hood displays but it’s still very bling.

Adoree Oriental Coral #233

Reviewed by PolishAddict.com.

New Esther’s Nail Center Blog

As you may know, from May 1st we have a new look for Esther’s Nail Center store. The new website has our blog integrated into it. Therefore, with just one URL you can access all products and info as one whole website.

Because of this integration, we will not maintain or update this blog ‘Esther’s Nail Corner’ anymore. Please change your bookmark and address to http://esthersnc.com/blog for our official blog.  If you have subscribe to Esther’s Nail Corner in the past, please join us on our facebook page. It will be updated as often as our blog. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Mother’s Day 2010 Contest Winner!

It’s hard to decide who would win the contest since every story we received is touching our heart and we feel the mom deserves the gift. After much thoughts, we chose Cindy Cunningham as the winner. Congratulations to Cindy! We’ll ship your prize as soon as possible.

And here’s her story:

I would like to nominate my daughter, Jaime for the Mother of the Year.  She will be 29 years old May 18th and has an identical twin sister.  Jaime has always been the nurturer of the two.  She married when she was 20 years old and her husband came with a 3 year old daughter, Alexis he had with his first girlfriend.  Alexis’ mother raised her until she was of school age and decided she couldn’t handle motherhood and raising a schoolaged child.  Jaime stepped up and took Alexis as her own.  She became her mother and made sure she had school uniforms and her hair brushed and that she made it to school on time.  A few years later Jaime got pregnant and had a miscarriage.  She was devastated.  But, shortly afterwards she became pregnant again.  Her daugter Caroline was born December 22nd, 2003.

A few years later, Jaime’s twin sister Aimee went through a very rough time getting a divorce and she couldn’t handle her son, Jesse who was 5 at the time.  Jaime moved her sister and Jesse into her house for over a year.  Since Aimee was havng such a rough time, Jesse was in Jaime’s care most of the time.  It seemed that she became “mother” to 3 children all in a very short time.  She works 50 hours a week and managed to be the best mother in the world.  The children lacked for nothing and it was a great comfort to me that she was able to do this being I am 2,000 miles away and couldn’t help much.  My husband and I are at Edwards AFB in California and Jaime really stepped up and did a great job.  Alexis will be 12 on June 8th, Caroline is 6 and Jesse is 9.

Jaime always wanted 2 children of her own and decided she wouldn’t be able to afford the life she wanted for the kids if she had more “of her own”.  Her husband is the last male left to carry on his last name and she wanted to try to give him a son, but being Jaime, she thought logically.  She sacrificed for children that weren’t biologically hers, but treated them as if they were.  Thanks to her these children will grow up secure and loved.

Thank you all for joining our contest!

Grand Re-Opening…Tada…

Finally after long hours of working, I’m thrilled to see the new website Esther’s Nail Center launched today. We celebrate this new opening by giving you 10% off for any order, from now until 5/16/2010. Just enter in coupon code ‘CELEBRATE’ when checking out.

There could be some missing links here and there and also some minor problems. If you encounter any problem, big or small, please help us by leaving us a comment here or sending us an email.

Thank you!

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