Buy 10 Daisy DND Gel Polish and Get 1 FREE

Daisy DND SaleNow you can stock up Daisy DND Duo Gel Polish and save. Plus, it qualifies for Free US standard shipping if you’re in the US. No coupon needed.

Buy 10 Daisy DND and get 1 Free or buy 15 Daisy DND and get 2 Free. It’s your choice. Either one, you save money! Enjoy.

Finding Gelish Morgan Taylor Matching Colors

Gelish Morgan Taylor Matching ChartIf you’re a fan of Gelish, sometimes you want to find a matching Morgan Taylor nail lacquer for your pedicure or other reasons. Gelish gel polish is often sold together in a set with a Morgan Taylor to make it easier for you. However, what if you have already the Gelish but not the lacquer?

To help you find the matching nail lacquer to your favorite Gelish color, we published this Gelish and Morgan Taylor Color Matching Chart. 

Gently Cleanse Your Nails

Manicure Pedicure ToolsNails can, in fact, be considered as a mirror that reflects bone health. The shape, color, size, ridges, lines, and spots appearing on the nails provide an awful lot of information on the health status of an individual. Listed below are some of the must-have tools used for manicure and pedicure — and, the best part is you need not actually visit a salon for grooming your nails.  A nail-cutter or a nail-clipper is the most basic tool used to clean and get the nails trimmed to give them a healthy appearance. However, nail cutter is not the only equipment used in nail care. Here are some more tools to help you get rid of those shabby nails.

Happy New Year! Our Holiday Hours

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Our office will close January 1-2, 2018. All orders received during this time will be processed the next business day. Stay safe and enjoy your holidays. Thank you for being with us during this wonderful year.

Year End Sale Is Going On Now!

Sale CND ShellacSave up to 15% off selected categories of nail polish. Please check the brands and days below. No coupon necessary. Discount will be shown in the shopping cart. 

CND Shellac: Get 15% off regular price. Valid from Dec. 24 – Jan. 3, 2018.
Gelish DIP System: Get 15% off regular price. Valid from Dec. 24 – Jan. 3, 2018.
IBD Just Gel: Get 25% off regular price. Valid from Dec. 24 – Jan. 3, 2018.

Diet Clues For Healthy Nails

Nails are biologically formed of keratin, which is an extremely tough form of protein. Keratin also forms a major constituent of human hair and even the outermost layer of the human skin. In order to have a family of healthy nails on your body, you need to have a healthy and a balanced diet.
Next time, you find a pale nail on your finger or a white-spotted nail, include more of all those vitamins and minerals and the body cells would manufacture more of keratin and make sure the nails are more healthy and strong. Keratin requires an adequate amount of cysteine in the body for its structural integrity. To have healthy nails, you need to have cysteine-rich foods.

Step by Step For Cat Eye Gel Polish And Chrome Mirror Application

Cat Eye Chrome GelLast weekend, I got a chance to try out the Cat Eye Gel Polish by Joya Mia. As you may know, Esther’s Nail Center just added this line to the store recently. If you are curious about Joya Mia Cat Eye Gel, check out our store.
My nails were done by a consultant from Joya Mia. They had a nice, little booth at a local beauty supply I visited. Application turned out was pretty easy. Read more for instructions how to apply it.

Six Summer Colors from CND Rhythm & Heat Collection

CNd shellac rhythm & heatTropical escape is closer than you think with the newest collection from CND Shellac Rhythm & Heat Collection for summer 2017.
The new collection is inspired by the lush, humid climates, and the colorful nails, Rhythm & Heat evokes a tropical and jungle mood. The six new shades will transform your nails into tropical, fresh nails. Perfect for a beach getaway or a summer soiree!

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