CND Shellac Brisa LED Lamp Review

CND LED LampIn May 2015, CND released the long-anticipated LED Lamp to cure Shellac. The lamp said can cut the curing time in half and can cure Shellac and Brisa. The CND LED Lamp utilizes 3C (Complete Chromatic Cure) Technology to optimize light, time and energy for maximum shine and lasting durability across a full spectrum of colors.
This blog post will review the features the lamp has, the curing time and the comparison of it with CND current UV Lamp. Read more..

Mother’s Day Sale – Gel Polish, LED Lamp, Pedi Kits etc.

Mother's Day SaleWe have some hot deals going on right now.

We have a wide range of products including the Gelish 18G lamp, the OPI lamp, Gelish colors (for just $9.95), a Robart shaker and much more!

How To Dispose of Nail Polish Properly

For celebrating this year Earth’s day, I would like to rewrite our old article about why and how you can dispose your nail polish properly so we can be more kind to the earth. But you may said “I usually just throw them away in the trash bin.” So, is it alright to just toss them in the trash? According to US Environmental Protection Agency, nail polish can’t be thrown away in the trash just like other household waste.  The reason is nail polish is flammable and it’s categorized as household hazardous waste. It means nail polish is as hazardous…

Rapidcure Tunnel UV LED Lamp

Rapidcure LED 24 Watt Tunnel LampWe’re pleased to introduce you to the new Rapidcure LED Tunnel Lamp. This lamp is unique because it’s the first tunnel lamp that can use either regular 9 watt UV bulb or LED bulb. There are 4 sockets that are compatible with replaceable UV bulb or LED strips. Four (4) LED strips included (but not the UV bulbs). Mirror panels surround hand for rapid and even curing. Now you can cure Shellac and Gel polish with the same lamp!

New DAISY DND Glitter Colors 2015

Daisy Duo Gel LollipopDaisy DND recently revealed their new colors in early 2015. About 10 totals. Most new colors are glitters – sparkling or matte glitters in variety of shades. I must say these colors are unique and lovely. Available now at for $12.95/set.
Some colors are shown in this post plus some swatches from bloggers who have reviewed them. Check it out.

Credit Card Fraud Detection for Online Business Owner

First of all, pardon me for posting something unusual today. I just feel the need to share this with other business owners who may find the information useful. (photo for illustration only) Last week marked a record of the most credit card fraud transactions we ever got in a weekend.  It makes me wonder how many stolen credit cards out there are used for credit card fraud.  And how much money the businesses have to lose. Before we go further, what I mean with credit card fraud transaction is when a buyer, with stolen credit card information,  place an unauthorized order without the knowing…

Undercured Gel Polish What and Why

One problem people may have with gel manicure is undercuring. It shows when the polish is still sticky after curing and wiping. Undercuring will increase the risk of service breakdown and may increase the risk of an allergy to any gel product. Potential Causes & Solutions Improper hand placement –> Hands and nails should be properly placed far enough under UV or LED bulbs Gel has been applied too thickly –> Apply thin layers. Shake nail polish well before application. Cure each layer separately and cure according to the recommended time by the manufacturer. Not using CND UV Lamp –> Shellac…

Infinite Kit for Infinite Gel Color Palettes

We wrote some time ago about Gelibility gel polish, a product that changes your regular nail polish to gel nail polish. And we want to introduce you to another similar product called Infinite Color Palette Gel Kit. Create your own gel polish shades with Infinite Color Palette Kit. You can create your unlimited array of colors using nearly any regular nail polish. The gel polish made (about .5oz finished product), can cures in 30 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV. And it lasts for weeks without chipping or peeling. Save the remaining nail polish for pedicures & touch-ups. Also get creative…

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